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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 16 Core Instant License

  Digital Download
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  • Supports 1 Admin User / 1 Server
  • Digital Delivery / 30 Minutes Estimated Delivery Time
  • OEI Licensing
  • 1 Server Installation
  • Licensed for Home and Commercial Use
  • 16 Core License License
  • Does not support in-place upgrade
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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 16 Core Instant License | Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 16 Core Instant License
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Product Specifications

  • Includes:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard
  • Installation Method: Digital Download
  • Installation Type: Evaluation
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 30 Minutes
  • Users Supported: 1 Admin User
  • Devices Supported: 1 Server
  • Installations Supported: 1 Server Installation
  • License Type: Perpetual
  • License Term: Indefinite
  • Licensed Use: Licensed for Home and Commercial Use
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 9EM-00652
  • Core Licensing: 16 Core License
  • Minimum Hard Drive Space: 32 GB
  • Minimum Memory: 512 MB
  • Minimum Processor Speed: 1.4 GHz


Windows Server 2019 Standard

Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition is the newest base version of the low virtualized software built for high traffic container environments.

Enhance Security with Windows Server 2019

With Windows Server 2019 Standard, users gain access to features such as

Manage cloud-ready workloads with more ease

This innovative software focuses on providing a high level of flexibility of use and control to businesses in need of a solution to manage cloud-ready workloads with more ease.

Prevent malicious attacks

Windows Server 2019 also helps to prevent malicious attacks against your system with a strengthened security suite that also detects any suspicious activity as a preventative measure.

server virtualization

server storage

software-defined networking

web application platforms

server management

server automation

information protection

virtual desktops

Change applications into cloud-ready solutions

Users can change existing applications into cloud-ready solutions and help developers to create new apps using containers, microservices, and the new Nano Server. Your data center can be run with an automated and resilient operating system and will have access to many of the same cloud-efficient features found in Microsoft Azure data centers.

Main features

With Windows Server 2019 Standard, users gain access to features such as server virtualization, storage, software-defined networking, web application platforms, server management and automation, information protection, virtual desktops, and much more.

Built-In Containers

Develop and manage with agility thanks to Windows Server and Hyper-V containers

New Deployment Options

Increase availability and reduce resource usage with the lightweight Nano Server

Innovative Networking

Software-defined networking to automate with cloud-like efficiency

Cost-Efficient Storage

Build highly available, scalable software-defined storage and reduce costs

Added Layers of Security

Enhance security and reduce risk with multiple layers of built-in protection. Rely on new layers of protection built into the operating system to further safeguard against security breaches. Help block malicious attacks and enhance the security of your virtual machines, applications, and data.

Strengthen your security - starting at the operating system.

Protect the applications that run on your operating system, anywhere it's deployed. Enhance the protection of your applications on-premises or running in the cloud. Rely on security features built into Windows Server 2019 to control privileged access, protect virtual machines, and harden the platform against emerging threats.

Detect suspicious activity

  • Help ensure only trusted software runs on the server with Device Guard.
  • Help protect against memory corruption attacks with Control Flow Guard.
  • Help protect against known malware with Windows Defender optimized for server roles.

Virtualize without compromising security

Use Shielded Virtual Machines to help protect your virtual machines from a compromised fabric as well as improve your compliance. Shielded Virtual Machines are encrypted using Bitlocker and will run on healthy hosts.

Protect Administrator Credentials

Help guard administrator credentials from Pass-the-Hash attacks by using Credential Guard and Remote Credential Guard. Limit administrator privileges with Just-In-Time Administration and Just Enough Administration.

Detect security threats quickly

Help detect suspicious behavior in the kernel or other sensitive processes with advanced auditing capabilities. Plus, use Microsoft Operations Management Suite Insights & Analytics tools to set up alerts and reporting.

Increase application isolation

Help protect container-based applications with Hyper-V containers. Use the distributed firewall, a software-defined networking capability, to control internal and external network traffic to virtual machines.

Be more efficient with a software-defined datacenter

Increase efficiency and agility with a software-defined datacenter. Solve your operational and budgetary challenges. Blend physical and virtual infrastructures together through software-defined compute, storage, and networking technologies.

Bring flexibility and control to your datacenter

Bring flexibility and control to your datacenter while lowering costs with software-defined compute, storage, and networking. Run your datacenter with an automated and resilient operating system, and access many of the same cloud-efficient features found in Microsoft Azure datacenters.

Rely on resilient compute

Run your datacenter with the utmost confidence with an automated, resilient server operating system.

High-performance storage

Increase datacenter efficiency and reduce storage management costs with software-defined storage capabilities

Rapid network scale

Move your network-control layer from hardware to software. Automatically balance and shift workloads without setting switches.

Innovate faster with cloud-ready application workloads

Transform the way you develop, deploy, and run your applications with a modern DevOps environment. Bring agility, scale, and security benefits to existing applications, while building next-generation applications optimized for the cloud.

Run current applications on a secure, software-defined fabric.

Run your existing apps on Windows Server 2019 without modifying them. Take advantage of enhanced security and efficiency features on the fabric.

Move existing apps to containers

Move your traditional applications into a modern DevOps environment with little or no code changes. Enable “write-once, run-anywhere” apps to deploy on-premises, to any cloud, or in a hybrid architecture with containers. It’s consistent across dev, test, and production.

Build cloud and hybrid apps.

Combine the benefits of containers with Nano server, Azure Service Fabric, and Windows Server for true business agility in cloud-native apps. Create microservices applications using fewer and compressed resources. Develop faster using the lightweight Nano Server installation option. And use Service Fabric to build always-on, scalable, and distributed applications to run in Azure, on-premises, or both.

Securely deploy and run your existing applications on Windows Server 2019 to transform them into new cloud-native models. Help developers to innovate and create on-premises and cloud applications using the latest technology

Compare Windows Server 2019 Editions

Feature Essentials Standard Datacenter
Core functionality of Windows Server
OSEs / Windows Server containers with Hyper-V isolation 2 Unlimited
Windows Server containers without Hyper-V isolation
Host Guardian Service
Storage features including Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica
Shielded Virtual Machines
Networking stack
Licensing Model Specialty servers Core-based Core-based
CAL Requirements No CAL required Windows Server CAL Windows Server CAL
MSRP $399 $599 $799



Is Windows Server 2019 an operating system?

A product of Microsoft, Server 2019 is an operating system specifically designed for server environments. It is a successor to Windows Server 2016 and is part of the Windows NT family of operating systems developed by Microsoft. 

What is the difference between Windows Server 2016 and Windows 2019?

When comparing Windows Server 2016 and the Windows 2019 Server, several key differences emerge. First and foremost, Windows Server 2019 includes several new features and enhancements that improve performance, security, and scalability. It introduces improved integration with Microsoft Azure, allowing organizations to seamlessly extend their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

Windows Server 2019 also brings advancements in areas such as Hyper-V virtualization, storage spaces, and software-defined networking, enabling more efficient resource utilization and management. Additionally, Windows Server 2019 includes enhanced security features, such as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which helps detect and respond to emerging threats.

Why is Windows Server 2019 good?

Windows Server 2019 is regarded as one of the most robust and reliable operating systems on the market for several reasons. Firstly, it offers improved performance and scalability, allowing businesses to handle demanding workloads efficiently. The operating system includes additional features like Storage Migration Services, which simplify the process of migrating data from older servers to newer ones.

Windows Server 2019 also provides enhanced security measures to protect against modern cyber threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. Moreover, its integration with Azure services enables organizations and large enterprises to leverage hybrid cloud capabilities, combining the benefits of on-premises infrastructure with cloud resources.

Additionally, Windows Server 2019 offers a familiar and user-friendly interface, making it easier for IT professionals and developers to manage and administer server environments. Overall, the Windows Server 2019 download is easy to navigate and doesn’t require any additional training. It provides a solid foundation for businesses to build and run their applications and services with improved performance, security, and scalability.

Can the Windows Server 2019 license be installed multiple times on the same server?

When you download Windows Server 2019, the license is intended to be installed once on (1) machine and to live and die on that machine. If you are looking for a product with transfer rights using the Windows Server 2019 key, it is highly recommended to look into Open Licensing. 

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Floyd Massey
Fast Processing

Has a critical server down and I ordered MS Server 2019 and the key and download links arrived within an hour. Great service!

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We as an organization are purchaing softwares from few years and we had a very good experience.

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great experience

great experience

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Great Service

I ordered this software and within 30 minutes I had it installed. Also got helpful advise from Tech Supply Shop on how to convert from an evaluation version to a standard version. Thanks for you assistance and ease of installation.

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Simple, quick and easy to purchase, get, and install. I was up and running in about 15 minutes from time of purchase.