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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Workgroup 5 CALs Add On
SQL Server Standard Edition 2014 - 4 Core - License | Microsoft
SQL Server Standard Edition 2014 - 4 Core - Academic License | Microsoft
SQL Server 2016 Standard 2 Core OLP & Software Assurance | Microsoft
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence Edition with 25 CALs -
Sql Server 2016 Developer Edition Download
MS SQL Server 2016 Standard - olp License w/SA (Spiceworks customers)
Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2014 with 10 Clients -
Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2014 with 10 Clients -
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard - olp License w/SA -
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard with Software Assurance Open Gov -

Microsoft SQL Server - Standard, Enterprise, CALs Category

Microsoft SQL Server

Relational database management and analysis

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management and analysis system. Its primary function is storing and retrieving data as requested by other software programs. It delivers increased security, scalability, and availability to your organization’s data and analytical programs. These programs may run on the same computer or through a network (like the Internet) on another computer.

Main features

Automatic Tuning

Automatic Tuning simply means that your database will be able to learn how to evaluate itself under different workloads. It will be able to fine-tune itself to run as optimally as possible without needing an administrator to do it manually.

Support of unstructured data

Data comes in various forms that may not always fit into traditional data models and structures. Pictures, videos, and documents are now all supported through FILESTREAM data.

Browser-based data exploration and visualization

Data mash-up abilities and enhanced integration management

Clustering and Back-up Log Shipping

Full Replication & SSB Publishing and data mining abilities

Distributed partitioned views

Graph Databases

Another great feature is Graph Databases. Databases are built as a hierarchy, even if one object does not supervise the other. Graph databases track relationships between these kinds of relational databases. They are structured as nodes, so that the links are still reflected in a non-hierarchy way. This allows your organization to keep up with changes in traditional data models.

Resumable Online Index Rebuild

SQL Server 2017 offers Resumable Online Index Rebuild. Defragmenting indexes can be a very labor-intensive exercise. This feature lets administrators schedule a period of time for maintenance operations, which are usually during off-peak times. It can also pause and resume the process manually as required.

Easily manage permissions for data access

SQL Server 2012 Standard can easily manage permissions for data access in a manner that supports separation of duties. These permissions also enable compliance around even the strictest data access policies, and the result is a more secure data management system.

Business intelligence capabilities

SQL Server Business Intelligence is a more comprehensive platform, allowing for secure, scalable and manageable BI solutions. As technology progresses and data needs change, business intelligence capabilities are more important than ever.

See what elements affect business success

SQL Server organizes raw data into intelligent information that can show management what elements affect business success.

Recommend better decisions

This helps analysts project possible scenarios and recommend better decisions.

Cope with mission-critical workloads

SQL Server 2014 Enterprise delivers a stellar performance for data centers. It has unlimited virtualization. Its business intelligence features enable organizations to cope with mission-critical workloads and access to data insights for end users.


Version Editions
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express, Workgroup, Standard and Enterprise
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard and Enterprise
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard, Enterprise and Business Intelligence
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SQL Server 2014 Enterprise, SQL Server 2014 Business and SQL Server 2014 Standard Open Business
Microsoft has built SQL Server 2016 Standard Open Academic, Standard Open Business, and Standard Open Government, Enterprise Open Business, Enterprise Open Government
SQL Server 2017 Standard, Enterprise, Express and Developer

Licensing type

Licensing type depends on version of Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise can support up to 8 CPUs. Server licenses are required for every CPU being used. Device Client Access Licenses (CALs) are required for every device that will access the server. User CALs are required for every individual user that accesses the server, irrespective of how many devices get used.

SQL Server 2012

The Standard edition is available in a Server + CAL license model, which will require the purchase of server licenses along with device and user CALs. It is also available on the CPU Core license model, with the number of cores being limited to 16 in this edition. Business Intelligence edition is only available on the Server + CAL license model. It supports up to 20 cores for the database engine.

SQL Server 2014

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is available in either the Core-based or Server + CAL pricing options. The server + CAL option does require the purchase of device and/or user CALS.

SQL Server 2016 & SQL Server 2017

SQL Server 2016 & SQL Server 2017 can be licensed by computing power or per user. All of this is further available under the Volume Licensing program for organizations that have 5 or more users and can be specialized to a specific industry. If you decide on the Server + CAL pricing, you will need to purchase user and/device CALs.

Solution for developers

SQL Server 2014 Developer is the perfect choice for people who prefer build and test their own applications.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Developer is designed for developers to build applications on the SQL Server platform. It offers all the functions of Enterprise edition. However, it is licensed only as a development and test system. It is not a production server.

Hybrid database platform

A must for any organization

Microsoft has built SQL Server 2016 to handle critical applications and advanced programs by using a hybrid database platform. It is available for Linux systems. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is highly scalable and equipped with advanced security features, in-database analytics and in-memory performance. It has enhancements to querying abilities, R analytics, and cloud integration.

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