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Microsoft Access 2013 Download - - 1
Microsoft Access 2010 Retail Box - - 1
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Microsoft Access 2013 - Volume - Open Business License - - 1
Microsoft Access 2016 - Open License - - 1
Microsoft Access 2013 Retail Box - - 1

Microsoft Office Suites and Apps

Microsoft Office Suites and Apps

Get access to the latest versions of the Office suite apps

Microsoft Office 365 is a whole new way to embrace the power of Office.

The most cost-effective option

Monthly and annual access can be purchased, with annual subscriptions being the most cost-effective option.

The large financial outlay to buy new versions

One of Office 365’s greatest benefits are that it does not require the large financial outlay to buy new versions to get updated programs. Your subscription already covers this access. Another payment is payment flexibility, since users can opt to only pay for the months or years they will be using Office 365. If they don’t need it, they don’t need to buy it.

If you require 5 or more licenses

While single users will certainly enjoy the value-for-money they get from purchasing a license, it can simply become too expensive for organizations.


No need to pay full price for single licenses

Organizations can access the Microsoft Office productivity suite in a more affordable way using Microsoft Volume licensing. Thanks to Microsoft Volume Licensing, entire organizations can enjoy the Office experience without having to pay full retail price for purchasing single licenses. Volume licensing is available for Office 365, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, and Office 2019.

Available for specific industries

Office 2016 is available for specific industries like Standard Open Government, Standard Open Business and Standard Open Academic. For organizations that need full business features, Office 2016 Professional Plus is also only available through volume licensing. Like the Standard edition, there are industry-specific packages available - Professional Open Academic, Professional Open Business and Professional Open Government.

Easy to work


Touch-friendly Office

Microsoft Office 2013 was developed to be more touch-friendly, because of the increased use of mobile devices and computers with touchscreen capabilities.

Office for MAC users

Office makes compatibility much easier for Mac users. Office 2011 for Mac has reached almost perfect feature parity with its Windows counterpart.

Relevant to your working environment

Office has editions that aimed at specific target groups. Microsoft has done this to present Office to users in ways that are more relevant to their working environment.


School, university



Basic edition

Office Basic is a simple package and offers Word, Excel, and Outlook for users who don’t need a full productivity suite.

Standard edition

Office Standard is a good option for users who need a little more functionality than the Basic edition.

Home and student edition

Office is aimed at meeting students’ needs. Both teachers and students can collaborate on virtual notebooks for better educational material.

Small Business

Office is designed for small-scale businesses that don’t necessarily have the resources of a larger business.

Professional edition

Office Professional is for more sophisticated business needs. It comes with Access – a solution to store, manage and protect your business data.

Enterprise edition

Office Enterprise takes things a step further by including InfoPath to create smart electronic forms, and Groove for better collaboration with other.

Ultimate edition

Office Ultimate combines all the abovementioned features into one advanced productivity solution. This includes Information Rights Management and integrated Enterprise Content Management.

Solutions for academic users

Office has everything a student could need to excel at academic work, including OneNote – a digital app for writing and storing notes.

Office for academic users helps to create engaging papers and presentations, collaborate on virtual notebooks and more. Documents can be edited online from anywhere. OneDrive and Office Web Apps allow for Mac and Windows users to edit the same document simultaneously.

  • Office 2007 Home and Student is aimed at meeting students’ needs. Both teachers and students can collaborate on these virtual notebooks for better educational material.
  • Office 365 University Open Academic offers 4 years of access to students, faculty members, and staff of accredited higher education institutions.
  • Office 365 Business Open Business gives its users the full use of core apps and also includes access to Sway and Office Online.
  • When considering Office 365 Professional Open academic users could also benefit from the advanced business intelligence features.
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