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"Just wanted to say thank you for a seamless server migration for our company with multiple facilities. The downtime for our users was only a few minutes. Amazing!!"

Timothy Corvin

C.I.O., The Safe Harbor Group.

"Tech Supply Shop has really stepped up on their game on overseeing our environments and Microsoft applications. We can always depend on them to answer calls at the oddest hours with excellent service. Thanks again! "

Judy Griffin

VP of Systems Development, Discovery I.T.

"The technical support team of Tech Supply Shop is super knowledgeable. They promptly answered all my questions and the solutions they offered were very precise. I was finally able to get my Active Directory set up the way I needed it. Thank you!!"

Amy Rhoades

Director of Operations, ShopWhips.

"I had a couple of interactions My Choice through both email and support. One thing I liked about their phone support was the simplicity of reaching someone who can help me without jumping around bureaucracy. Very professional and excellent support for the products."

Courtney Smith

I.T. Developer, Only Jane.

"Thank you for the assistance. I am back in business again and your team has been just great over the years with any small problems."

Sean Williams

Director of I.T., Blue Hill Electronics.