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    Nuance PaperPort 14 – Tech Supply Shop

    Reduce paper clutter with Nuance PaperPort 14 from Tech Supply Shop. PaperPort 14 is an industry-leading scanning and document management application that’s optimized for home office use. Scan, organize, find and share all of your documents and photos right from your PC. The software taps into the capabilities of your scanner to transform any type of paper into a searchable PDF file. Scan legal paperwork, tax information, bills, receipts, warranties and more, then digitally file them in a searchable system.

    Improve Organization and Reduce Clutter

    With PaperPort 14 you’ll enjoy improved organization and a significant reduction in paper clutter. Once papers are scanned they can be shredded or disposed of leaving the digital copy behind on your computer. The simple color-coded filing system employed by the software makes finding important documents easier than ever for improved organization.

    PaperPort reduces the complexity of scanning documents so you can import stacks of paperwork in just minutes. Once you start, you’ll have all of your documents stored quickly and they will be accessible in one easy-to-use application. You’ll reduce waste and conserve energy by going digital and sending digital copies of important information via email rather than sending paper copies through the mail.

    Access Information from the Cloud


    Take advantage of cloud technology to store important documents online so you can access them from virtually anywhere. Simply log into your account and view files that you have scanned at home. Bring up receipts, access contracts and find important contacts all with a few clicks of the mouse.


    Built-in security features ensure that documents stored in the cloud or on your computer remain safe. Once you open a file in PaperPort, you can rest assured that it will never be lost, damaged, compromised or accidentally discarded. Need to make changes? The built-in PDF viewer allows users to edit, alter and share PDF documents without the need for additional software.


    If you’re ready to say goodbye to unsightly stacks of paper and to get more organized, it’s time to order PaperPort 14 from Tech Supply Shop. Choose from standard or professional editions depending on your needs and transform your stacks of paperwork into easy-to-manage digital files.

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