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    Microsoft Windows XP can be considered an oldie and a goodie when it comes to operating systems as it debuted in the summer of 2001. This operating system was designed for use in home and business computers and its design was markedly improved over DOS-based versions from the 1990s while its performance was far-better than the previous operating, Windows ME. While being for business use, XP was marketing as an intuitive operating system for home use with entertainment applications being touted as highly as basic computing programs such as the Office line of products. In fact, the XP name is short hand for “experience” as Microsoft viewed computer use as an experience rather than as a chore, particularly since multimedia and gaming was becoming more popular.

    Style and appearance were also important factors in XP as users had the ability to change the color scheme of the task bar and menus. Two versions of XP were available at the launch of the operating system, Home Edition and Professional. Home users were not forced to use the Home version as the Professional edition was installed on many family computers. These versions are similar in design and have the same applications. Professional includes the ability to join Windows domain and has features such as a multilingual user interface and Internet Information Services. Tech Supply Shop carries the Professional version of XP with full and upgrade software available. The upgrade version is use on systems that currently have Windows 98, ME or Windows 2000. The full version can of course be used for a clean install of the XP Professional operating system. These are genuine Microsoft products that have never been used and installing this software is a great option for a second or third PC in the home. While XP cannot be used for some of the latest high-end applications, it remains a solid and very popular operating system today. Back to top