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Windows Server 2011 Small Business – Tech Supply Shop

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you don’t need the same top-notch server systems as larger corporations. By choosing Windows Server 2011 for small business, you’ll get access to the same high levels of security and reliability as the major players, but at a fraction of the price. Windows Small Business Server is available in your choice of standard, essential or premium versions and can support up to 75 employees depending on the version.

Cloud Connectivity

Windows Server 2011 Small Business is noted for its ability to connect to the cloud. This allows small business owners to store information and data off-site at a much more affordable rate. Off-site storage also protects information against attacks that may disable the host computer or compromise its security.

Cloud storage is typically more affordable than on-site storage. By connecting to the cloud and keeping important documents and information there, business owners can take advantage of affordable storage options and forego the expense of purchasing and maintaining equipment. Microsoft’s servers are updated regularly, ensuring you always have fast access to your most important information.


Windows Server 2011 Small Business comes with pre-installed security features that help keep your information safe. Whether you need to protect against hackers, viruses, malware or another threat, the server software has embedded security features that stop intruders before they can access your information. Through customizable security settings, you can control who has access to your data.


Windows Server 2011 Small Business is available with your choice of licensing. Choose a single license or volume licensing to suit your business’ needs. Select licenses allow users to add additional computers at any given time for a nominal charge.


Upgrade your server software to Windows Server Small Business 2011 from Tech Supply Shop. The affordable and powerful software will help your business run smoothly while reducing costs and offering added security. Please note that Small Business Server 2011 requires an internet connection for proper execution.

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