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    Microsoft Windows 8 – Tech Supply Shop

    The Microsoft Windows 8 operating system introduced many changes in this venerable product to the public when it debuted in the summer of 2012. Recognizing the need to compete with mobile operating systems, Microsoft redesigned to the look its Windows operating system by gearing it toward tablet and mobile device users. This operating system has a Metro design scheme that uses tiles designed for touchscreen technology rather than the use of a mouse. The traditional Start screen used on Windows systems for many years was replaced by a menu that features programs on the tiles.

    The tiles can be repositioned as the user pleases, so often used programs can be placed near the top of the grid or programs that are similar in nature can be grouped together. This operating system as Home and Professional versions, both of which being available at Tech Supply Shop. Note that the Home version is simply called Windows 8. This operating system comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions and upgrade software is available in addition to full installation software. PC users who want to upgrade to Professional from Windows 8 can use the Pro Pack Pro to make this an easy process. The upgrade is similar to an operating system update and all existing files and folders will remain in place after the update is completed. Windows 8 shoppers can also choose to have this product delivered electronically or shipped as a DVD disc. Back to top