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    Microsoft Windows 7 – Tech Supply Shop

    Personal computer users who want Windows 7 for their machine have many choices at Tech Supply Shop. Windows 7 has three versions, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate, and shoppers have many options within these titles that allow for the perfect operating installation. For example, if you want Windows 7 Professional 64-bit for installation on multiple PCs, a version that includes a 3-pack of licenses is available. This operating system has a 32-bit version in addition to the 64-bit version for all three Windows 7 titles, and software is available via electronic delivery as in standard installation disc form.

    Each title has full versions of the software available as well as upgrade software and licenses. If you are interested in an upgrade version, you need to make sure the upgrade will work on your system. For example, a Home to Professional upgrade may only work between Windows 7 versions as opposed to upgrading to Professional from an earlier operating system. One example of this is when Anytime Upgrade software is used. In addition to retail versions of the software, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software is available for purchase. This type of software is similar to preinstalled operating systems and software on new computers. OEM software cannot be installed on a different PC after it is activated. The operating system is tied to the machine, so if the PC malfunctions, the software will be lost. Back to top