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    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 1 License
    Windows 8.1 Pro Full Version Retail Box | Microsoft
    Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional - License 32/64-bit - - 1
    Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Pack Upgrade Retail Box -
    Windows 8.1 Pro Pack - 1 PC MFR # 5VR-00139
    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate - 1 PC - Anytime Upgrade License -
    Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional - License 32/64-bit - - 1
    Windows 8.1 Pro - One PC MFR # FQC-06949
    Windows 8.1 Pro - 1 PC | Microsoft
    Windows 8.1 Pro - 1 PC MFR # FQC-08115
    Windows 8.1 Pro - 1 PC | Microsoft
    Windows 8.1 Pro - 1 PC MFR # '0088537041481
    Windows 8.1 Pro - 1 PC | Microsoft
    Windows 8.1 Pro - 1 PC MFR # FQC-06913
    Windows 8.1 Pro - 1 PC | Microsoft
    Windows 8.1 Pro - 1 PC MFR # FQC-07355
    Microsoft Windows 8.1 32-bit DSP OEM -
    Windows 8.1 - 1 PC MFR # WN7-00659
    Windows 8 - 1 PC | Microsoft
    Windows 8 - 1 PC MFR # 3ZR-00001

    Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

    If you are searching for Microsoft Windows software, your best source is Tech Supply Shop. We have Windows operating systems ranging from Windows XP to the latest system, Windows 10. All of these titles are genuine Microsoft products that are new and never used. These titles include the versions within the titles, allowing you to have a large variety of options when it comes to your PC. For example, if you want Windows 10, you can choose the Home version or the Professional version, and this can be software for new installations or upgrade versions. You can also choose 32-bit software or a 64-bit option. Additionally, licenses are available for these operating systems and you can select software that is contained on an installation disc or an operating system that is delivered electronically.

    The choice of installation disc or electronic delivery is not the only decision available as Windows titles are available in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for and in retail box form. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software is the same type of software that is pre-installed on new computers. Similar to pre-installed software on new computers, OEM software cannot be installed on a different PC after it is activated. The operating system is tied to the machine, so if the PC malfunctions, the software will be lost. Older operating systems such as Windows XP are a good option for PC users who have older computers that cannot support the latest operating systems due to slow processor speeds or not enough on-board memory. Also, XP was a popular operating system and there are diehard PC users who refuse to have any other operating system on their PC. When purchasing this software, be sure to note your PC specifications to ensure that you are purchasing the correct software for your system. This is especially true when it comes to the 32-bit and 64-bit titles. Operating systems geared toward 64-bit PCs will not work on 32-bit systems. Also, if you are looking for an upgrade version of Windows, be sure the upgrade is compatible with your current operating system. Some upgrade software only allows for an upgrade between versions, Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional for example, as opposed to upgrading from an earlier operating system to Professional. After deciding on the best operating system for your PC, you will have peace of mind knowing that all of these titles are guaranteed to install, activate and work successfully on your computer. Back to top