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    Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 – Tech Supply Shop

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 offers software developers the opportunity to work in a closed environment to create dynamic and engaged programs. The software includes a variety of helpful tools that assist with the development process and propel programmers to reach new heights. With Visual Studio 2008, developers can do more in less time, creating quality programs in a variety of languages.

    Variety of Built-in Tools


    Visual Studio 2008 features a variety of built-in tools to help developers create flawless programs in minutes. The development environment is optimized for use by those working on creating programs for Windows-based systems and targets Windows 2000 for C++ applications. The software also supports multi-targeting which allows developers to choose which version of the .NET Framework the assembly runs on. Some of the featured tools include a new version of Microsoft Foundation Classes, support for visual styles and UI controls, an XAML-based designer, workflow designer, LINQ to SQL designer, XSLT debugger, JavaScript support, JavaScript debugging and more.

    Be More Productive

    From in-program debugging tools to automatic features that reduce time wasted on repetition and drudgery, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 offers software developers the opportunity to do more in less time. Efficient code editors, IntelliSense, Wizards and the ability to use multiple languages in one development environment makes Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 one of the best tools on the market for serious developers.

    One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 over competitors is the ability to debug code from within the program. The software includes a variety of debugging tools that help developers identify problems within the code and to correct them. This in-program debugging process helps programmers identify and solve problems with ease.

    Shop for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 at Tech Supply Shop and choose from professional or team editions. We offer retail box or instant download options so you can choose to have your software delivered in the format that works best for you. Back to top