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Microsoft Project Standard 2016 - - 1
Microsoft Project Standard 2016 - Open Academic | Microsoft
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Microsoft Project 2016 – Tech Supply Shop

Keep projects organized and on track using intuitive scheduling and reporting tools from Microsoft Project 2016. Whether you’re a project management professional or a small business owner, Microsoft Project 2016 can help you keep track of your projects, manage resources, schedule tasks and stay on budget so you can enjoy greater success with fewer steps. Microsoft Project is packed with features that will help streamline your work and take the stress out of your day.

Built-in Templates

Microsoft Project comes with built-in templates that are ranked best in class. They help you do more in less time and build project plans in just minutes. Input your information and quickly have a ready-made project management design that will help you track your workflow and move your project along. Whether you’re working alone or are part of a team, Microsoft Project will help you do more and move in the right direction.


To help improve efficiency, Microsoft Project includes built-in automation features that automatically populate fields such as start dates and end dates depending on your needs. The Task Inspector tool helps you gain efficiency by identifying tasks and resources that you may not have considered.


Most projects aren’t strictly linear which is why Project includes a special feature that allows you to create multiple timelines for a single project. This way you can visualize independent portions of a project to see how it is progressing and how everything is going to come together. If one part of the project falls behind, you can take resources from another part and allocate them to the one that is lacking.

This also helps your team see how each member is contributing to the cause and to identify any potential weaknesses or human resources that would be better allocated to other tasks. Timelines provide critical information that project managers need to succeed.

If you’re ready to do more in less time, order Microsoft Project from Tech Supply Shop. We carry standard and professional versions with various licensing options to better fulfill your needs. Shop now for the best prices and best selection.

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