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    Microsoft Project 2007


    Microsoft Project 2007 Software is available in Professional and Standard versions with a host of license types at Tech Supply Shop . Project Standard 2007 is a desktop application for standalone project management and is an ideal software solution for individuals or small teams responsible for managing projects. This software is geared to those who need tools for controlling project work, schedules and finances. On the other hand, Project Professional 2007 is the software to use in enterprise management and is the primary application that is used in conjunction with Office Project Server 2007.

    Project Professional 2007 has an active cache on the client side that is designed to reduce the amount of data that is sent over the network between the client and the server. While the functionality of Standard and Professional is similar across license types, the licenses are different and these differences, as well as cost, may be the determining factor in the product chosen for purchase. Software listed as “standard retail box” is software meant for installation on a single computer. This is also true of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software. The difference is that the license in the retail box is tied to the user and not the machine. If the computer that holds the retail box software stops working, the software can be installed and activated on the new computer. While the software can be installed on multiple computers, the activation can only occur on one computer. OEM installations on the other hand are tied to the machine, so if the computer stops working, you would not be able to install the software on a different computer. You may also see that a “1 PC License” is also available for purchase. In this case, a company may have installation software for Project 2007 and purchase a 1 PC license for a new member of the team. Open licenses are also available as an option and are a good choice for companies in need of five or more work stations with access to Project 2007. All of these software titles are new, have never been used and are guaranteed to be 100 percent genuine Microsoft software.

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