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    Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 - License | Microsoft
    Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 Retail Box - - 1
    Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 - License - - 1
    Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 - License - - 1
    Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 - License - - 1
    Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Home and Business Retail Box - - 1

    Home and Business

    Microsoft Office 2011 Home and Business for Mac

    An Office Mac 2011 download for Mac users may seem unlikely, considering that Apple already has a productivity suite. But in an environment dominated by Windows users, compatibility can become an issue. Thankfully, Microsoft has offered an Office Mac 2011 download for Mac users. Now anyone working on either operating system can enjoy the compatibility of using the same programs. Mac users get the main programs of Windows users– Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Outlook is included for those who choose the business version of an Office Mac 2011 download. It has reached near-perfect feature parity between the two operating systems and Mac users will definitely not be left feeling disadvantaged. Here are some of the ways in which Microsoft is making bigger and better strides in this offering:

    Outlook 2011

    Using Exchange Server (2007 or later), Mac users can use global address books, set up meetings and send meeting requests, and check the availability of attendees on calendars. Emails can be grouped together in Conversation View, so that you can have all email correspondence linked in a thread. This makes it easily to follow up on matters, rather than having to comb through emails spread over large periods of time. The New Unified Folders feature lets you consolidate various exchange and online accounts into one inbox folder. You are also able to seamlessly transfer Outlook data from a Windows machine.

    PowerPoint 2011

    The Presenter view in PowerPoint 2011 has seen improvement. You can manage slides, view any personal notes you may have and keep track of time remaining for the presentation. All of this happens on your screen alone while your audience watches an uninterrupted presentation. You are now also able to embed movies in the actual presentations. It’s all combined into a single file. Expect additional movie styles and effects, better slide transitions, animations and new 3D effects. The new Ribbon element of the Office Mac 2011 download holds a tab dedicated to Transitions, keeping them close at hand for on-the-spot changes.

    Excel 2011

    There are a few major improvements for Excel 2011. You are now able to add Sparklines to your spreadsheet. Sparklines are essentially tiny charts within a single spreadsheet cell, making it possible to give a visual representation of your data without needing to refer to a separate chart. Excel 2011 now also offers conditional formatting tools to add more functionality into your spreadsheets, making them easier to understand and not just a table of information. Even so, the new Manage Rules dialog box makes rule modification much simpler so you can spend less time on handling complex cell formulas.

    Word 2011

    Word 2011 has thousands of premade forms, letters, and layouts to make sure your project is perfectly formatted. The drag-and-drop functionality has seen improvement to make arranging elements of your document much easier. Its smarter design causes your text to automatically wrap around objects. Dynamic guides appear automatically as you move objects around. There is also a new Visual Styles pane to help keep formatting consistent.

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