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Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 for Faculty Academic | Microsoft
Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 for Students Academic | Microsoft
Microsoft Access 2013 License Open Government | Microsoft
Microsoft Access 2010 Open License Gov 077-06146 | Microsoft
Microsoft Access 2007 License - - 1
Microsoft Access 2013 Download - - 1
Microsoft Access 2010 - License - - 1
Microsoft Access 2010 Retail Box - - 1
Microsoft Access 2007 License - - 1
Microsoft Access 2013 - Volume - Open Business License - - 1
Microsoft Access 2019 Open Academic | Microsoft
Microsoft Access 2013 with Media - Retail Box - - 1

Office Apps provided by Tech Supply Shop

Office Apps

The individual Office apps are what make the various Microsoft Office suites such powerful productivity tools. These programs provide users with the ability to complete multiple tasks that range from writing a document to tracking inventory in a database. Tech Supply Shop offers these applications individually to fit your productivity needs.


Use Access to create custom desktop databases and browser-based applications utilizing professionally-designed templates within a secure SQL database format. Share your custom apps with team members with ease and track your data using smart table templates to quickly define relationships, fields, and the rules that will exist between them. New features include advanced custom app building, better user interface, glimpses of relevant data without changing screens, autocomplete data input, and managing apps for SharePoint deployment.


Keep track of your data, finances, and more using Excel, Microsoft’s intuitive and unparalleled spreadsheet format. Quickly transform your data into graphs, charts, and automatically calculated trends for presentations or additions into other Office 365 applications like Word or PowerPoint. New additions include automatically recognizing calculation trends, new chart and graph visuals, and finding the exact command you are looking for in the “Tell me what you want to do” search box.


Microsoft’s robust and dynamic email system allows you to filter and collect emails from different sources into one central planning application where you can also manage your personal calendar, schedule and share meetings, and receive notifications of important dates and events. New features include easy integration with sharing Office files through OneDrive, creating Groups for collaboration and file sharing, start Skype for Business sessions straight from the app, and better support for Mac.


A great tool for the avid note taker, OneNote gives you the ability to make smart notes about anything from your next meeting to that recipe you have wanted to try. Add text, images, and handwritten notes via a stylus or your fingertip (touchscreen devices only) in a free-form format that conforms to your style and keeps you organized. New features include sharing notes with others, more intuitive drawing options, and utilization in a classroom environment via content distribution from a central content library.


Spice up your slideshow or presentational video with an easy-to-use system that lets you string great visuals together in only a few steps. You can now use Presenter View to see your current slide, speaker notes, and the next slide at a glance to practice your presentations and maintain control. New features include improved design options through PowerPoint Designer, fluid motion through Morph, the ability to focus on certain parts of your slides though Zoom.


Utilize text, images, and intuitive editing tools to create gorgeous publications such as newsletters, cards, and emails to be sent out to an audience. Format your messages just the way you like them using the newly expanded toolset in the ribbon and use mail merge to include photos and links for a more efficient mailing. New features include sharing to the cloud, photo printing, and sending entire publications as HTML email messages.  


You can create fully-fledged documents with more options and resources than ever before. Add text, images, charts, and citations into your document with ease. Some new features include the ability to share and work on documents with others, advanced research and proofing options, edit PDFs, and find the exact command you are looking for in the “Tell me what you want to do” search box.

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