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Microsoft Office 2016 Suites

Microsoft Office is the most popular office productivity software in the world. The Microsoft Office development team has decades of experience building productivity software and has invested millions of hours producing the finest word processing, slide show, email, note-taking and other office productivity apps.

Microsoft Office offers five software suite packages for Windows and three for Mac. Microsoft Office suites include Microsoft Home and Student, Microsoft Home and Business, Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus. The Office suites for Mac include Home and Student, Home and Business, and Standard. Microsoft also offers the subscription-based Office 365, which allows for constant updates and access to new applications as they become available for a low monthly price.

Each suite of Microsoft Office includes the core suite of applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Other applications in the Microsoft Office lineup include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Access.


Microsoft Office suites include the following:

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 is the best option for the scholastic audience. Students and home users that only need basic productivity software such as a word processor, slideshow, and spreadsheet program should choose this suite. Home and Student is also the most affordable software suite offered by the Microsoft Office brand.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016
Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 is likely the best choice for small business owners, and people who work from home such as freelancers. Microsoft Office has all the core applications, plus Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook offers a variety of powerful email features that can help your business run smoothly.

Microsoft Office Standard 2016
Microsoft Office Standard includes the core software of Microsoft Office Home and Student as well as Office Home and Business. This Microsoft Office suite also includes Microsoft Publisher, a powerful desktop publishing program. Standard is perfect for customers that need the power of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016, but also need a desktop publishing application. Microsoft slates Publisher as a lightweight, easy-to-learn alternative to heavyweight desktop publishing applications such as Adobe InDesign, and is intended for dedicated graphic design professionals. Microsoft Office Standard is only available through volume licensing. Individual licenses are not offered for sale.

Microsoft Office Professional 2016
Microsoft Office Professional 2016 includes all the software included with the previously mentioned Microsoft Office suites with the addition of Microsoft Access, a powerful database management application. Microsoft Office Professional is great for mid-sized to enterprise level businesses that have large workflows, inventories, and teams of employees to manage.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
Microsoft Office Professional Plus includes everything that Microsoft Office Professional has with the new addition of Skype for Business, a robust video and chat communication application. Microsoft Office Professional Plus is appropriate for customers that want Professional, but also require an enterprise-level messaging application.

Microsoft Office Applications

Microsoft Word
Perhaps the most well-known of all products in the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor in the world. Users can create attractive documents using this powerful application in addition to letters, articles, manuscripts, and a whole host of other written documents. Users have full control over typography and can build appealingly documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint is a slideshow application that offers advanced features such as custom animation, image layering, and layout and typography customization. PowerPoint is an exceptional presentation program and the industry leader in presentation software.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program perfect for inputting and displaying tabular data. This application offers many convenient features for standard data formats. Easily mass fill spreadsheets using the comma separation value format and a variety of other structured data formats. Advanced users can perform complex calculations using the built-in arithmetic functions. Users can also build their own functions for even more advanced number processing. Once numbers have been crunched, users can output gorgeous graphs and charts to add to their presentations. Microsoft Excel is the most prominent spreadsheet application on the market today.

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote is a powerful note-taking program intended to serve as a user’s digital notebook. OneNote offers users the ability to take notes either by typing, writing with a stylus, or with an external input such as a tablet. The most attractive feature of OneNote is that users can tag notes and use these tags to create advanced organization schemes. Users can use tags to associate various notes with each other for easy searching, condensing, and studying. OneNote is an easy-to-use application that allows users to better organize their notes for their personal and professional use.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is an exemplary email application that offers advanced convenience and security features that professional users require. Small business owners can find tremendous value working with Microsoft Outlook and its convenient organization features. Users can effortlessly browse their email folders and never worry about losing an email. The security features offered by Outlook also provide users with the best peace of mind possible. Support for POP3 allows users to store their emails on their personal computers instead of a mail server for added security.

Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Publisher is heralded as a great alternative to more heavyweight publishing applications such as Adobe InDesign. Publisher offers users full control over positioning and layout and is great for publishing print documents such as flyers and brochures. This publishing software has an easy learning curve and is targeted at small and mid-sized businesses that don't have dedicated graphic artists.

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access is a powerful database management solution that is intended for power users that go beyond the scope of average users. Access allows users to manage company database records with ease and export or import them to and from other company software applications. Microsoft Access also offers advanced SQL support for advanced users of the software.

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