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    Microsoft Access 2016

    Access 2016 is the database program in the Microsoft Office 2016 software suite so you can expect it to be fully able to integrate with the other programs in the suite – Integration is something that Microsoft is known for. Just one practical example of this awesome feature is the ability to import and export tables seamlessly back and forth between Access and Excel. With Access 2016, you can create database systems of any size quickly and easily. Its popularity is global so help and support are always readily available because expertise in Access is always considered valuable.

    User Friendly

    One of the main benefits of Access 2016 is its robust design, which is further enhanced when combined with Microsoft’s knack for giving their customers what they want. With Access 2016, you are able to build flexible user-friendly applications and database systems using its incredibly clever wizards or by just doing it from scratch if you choose to. If you need more functionality, feel free to make use of its programming language, VBA.

    Powerful Database

    Access offers a variety of features for different database needs and you can use it to develop applications of any scope and for any environment. Access 2016 is perfect for developing applications for departments in large corporations and for corporation-wide applications too. If you go beyond scope of more than 10 to 15 concurrent users accessing more than 100,000 records, you can consider using Access 2016 as a front end to a client/server database such as Microsoft SQL Server. Remember, all Microsoft products play very well with each other so this should be a seamless and pain free exercise. You can use Access to create front-end forms and reports while storing tables and even queries on the database server. In this way, the user experience is not compromised and neither is the performance of the system itself.

    Plug and Play

    Access 2016 is all about the user experience and providing all the help they can. They have included several ready-made templates to help users create, manage and publish databases even if they have minimal experience in the field. A user-friendly feature called ‘Tell Me’ works like an assistant helping users to type in what they want done and the actions and options immediately present themselves for deployment. It also provides help related to what is being searched for. Reports can be viewed in several different layouts, all depending on what you want to see and how the report will be presented (i.e. On-screen, printout, etc.). One particularly handy option is the ability to output reports in fixed formats like PDF and XPS files.

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