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    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 - PC - License - English - - 1
    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 Product Key Card Box - - 1
    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 1 PC License - - 1
    Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student - Retail Box - - 1
    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 1 PC License - - 1
    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 - PC - License - English - - 1
    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 - PC - License - English - - 1

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    Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student

    Microsoft Office 2010 is a powerful suite of productivity software intended for use in the home, office, and school. Microsoft Office is great for students, office workers and general day-to-day home users. The Microsoft Office ecosystem has been around for years and Microsoft Office 2010 enjoys the benefits of decades of software development. Microsoft Office offers a clean, easy-to-use, and responsive graphical user interface that includes useful features users need. With the need for powerful software in academic environments increasing, Microsoft Office 2010 Student and Home is ideal for those in high school and college.

    The Microsoft Office suite includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote.

    Microsoft Word is a powerful and popular word processing program available. Word processors can be thought of as a typewriter with advanced features. Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor in the world. Word allows users to easily create multi-purpose documents, simple letters, manuscripts, articles, papers, and so much more. Users are granted full control over typography and imagery, and can easily create attractive documents using its large array of features such as changing typefaces, inserting tabular data, adding pictures, and highlighting text.

    Microsoft PowerPoint is a contemporary slideshow application that allows users to create and run slideshows. However, PowerPoint is not just a simple slide presentation. To assume that PowerPoint is just an overhead slide projector on a computer would cause a user to miss out on some of its most exciting features. PowerPoint offers users the ability to create dramatic and complex custom animations. Create appealing slides using a variety of included pre-made themes, or create your own artistic slides using the full range of tools PowerPoint provides.

    Microsoft Excel is the definitive application for storing and manipulating tabular data. Excel allows users to input data into easy-to-understand spreadsheets that have a range of customization features. Microsoft Excel also has a range of built-in mathematical functions as well as a custom function builder. Users can quickly perform calculations and crunch data, and once the data is crunched, Excel can create gorgeous graphs and charts to add data visualizations to your presentations.

    Microsoft OneNote is a powerful note-taking and organization program in which users can record notes, tag them for easy searching, insert multimedia content, share data online, and organize things categorically. OneNote can be thought of as a digital notebook that emulates many of the features of a physical notebook. However, what makes Microsoft OneNote unique is the ability to add multimedia assets, and to create multiple complex organization schemes that allow users to organize content that best suits their needs without limitation.

    Microsoft Outlook is an advanced desktop email application. Outlook has advanced security and organization features that allow email users of all types to easily read, compose and archive emails. The security settings ensure that all email formats can be used safely. Outlook also has a wide range of convenience features including signatures, multi-email support and advanced folder routing. As an added bonus, the desktop nature of Outlook allows for redundant storage. Mail can be stored both on the web server, and on the user's personal computer.

    Microsoft Office 2010 is the standard when it comes to office productivity. Few alternatives have the years of refinement and support ecosystem that Microsoft has. Each piece of software in Microsoft Office 2010 for students has been painstakingly developed and iterated on over the past two decades. Microsoft Office is the perfect way to accomplish tasks quickly and boost your productivity.

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