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    Microsoft Excel 2010

    A 2010 Excel download is undoubtedly one of the best ways to analyze, manage, and share information so you can make better and smarter decisions in your organization. There are new analysis and visualization tools to help you track and highlight important data trends. You can now also access your important data on the go from almost any Web browser or smartphone. Uploading your files to the Web is now possible and you can also collaborate with others online. This 2010 Excel release offers you efficiency and flexibility like never before.

    The Ribbon

    One cannot sing enough praises about the Ribbon. To have all of the 2010 Excel features presented to you like a buffet to help yourself is a huge timesaver. More time spent working productively and less time combing through submenus, looking for commands. You have full control over what you see because the Ribbon is completely customizable.

    Backstage View

    The previous File menu has been replaced with a smarter Backstage view. Frequently used activities like save, print, publish, and share are now all single-click events. There are several other features found here and this entire section now has a much more focused design, aimed at maximum productivity.

    Protected View and Trusted Documents

    The 2010 Excel download has several added protection and safety features. Downloaded files are automatically opened as “protected” files so that any auto-executing scripts and file-open bombs are blocked from accessing your computer. A popup bar will inform you of this action and a single click will allow this security measure to be lifted, making the file editable again. The Trusted Documents feature lets you declare certain files with active content as safe so you don’t have to repeatedly unblock the same file. It remembers the workbooks you trust so that you can avoid being prompted each time.


    Slicers are a smarter way to visually filter the data in PivotTables. They quickly segment and filter the data to display just what is needed. Slicers are reusable components and can be used within PivotTables, PivotCharts and other data connections. This feature is a huge timesaver.

    Conditional formatting

    In your 2010 Excel download, there are new icon sets and the ability to fully customize display icons. Additionally, you can also now refer to values in other worksheets. The negative data bars bring a greater degree of accuracy and flexibility to your data.

    Charts and PivotTables

    There has been a massive increase in data point limits for charts. You can also use the Macro Recorder to record formatting actions so they can be “replayed” for other charts too. Chart rendering is now a much faster process. PivotTables can get slowed down with increases in data volume but your 2010 Excel download has you covered.  The Search feature can be used for easy data filtration to find that one value amongst numerous rows. Speedier calculations are now possible with Multi-Threaded Calculation and Multi-Threaded Sorting can sort data much faster.

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