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    Microsoft Exchange – Government    

    Similar to the program that provides lower costs on software for academic institutions, Microsoft also has discounts in place for government agencies. Microsoft Exchange for Government is a useful tool as it allows government employees to work outside of the confines of an office, which in many facets of government is essential. Exchange servers are very safe and this software can support a large amount of mailbox databases. Business-class email with a calendar and contacts are available to government employees with their personal inboxes having a large amount of storage. Thanks to having access to Microsoft servers, the number of users a government agency can assign email to is unlimited. Exchange can power Outlook emails on desktops, phones, tablets and the web, giving employees quick access to their mail. Exchange has been available as an email and calendaring client since 1996 and is considered a work horse among government agencies, academic institutions and businesses.

    While Exchange for government gives employees large inboxes and the ability to view Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments, producing these types of documents is not supported in this version. Governments can add-on to Exchange with products including Visio, Office and Project to provide employees with more tools to finish their tasks. One of the many benefits of Exchange is that governments can provide the email without the add-ons. Not everyone in the halls of government will need to have access to every program in the Office suite. The email-only option is another way to keep costs down and is much better than paying for unneeded software. Exchange for Government software at Tech Supply Shop are 100 percent genuine Microsoft products. Please contact our support staff if you have questions about participating in the software for government program.

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