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    Microsoft Exchange 365

    The days of working in an office from 9 to 5 are over as the old belief of leaving work at the office no longer applies in today’s world. Having access to work files, project and mail is essential even if you are away from the office. Businesses that have much of their electronic infrastructure in the cloud are aware of this and have chosen to use Exchange 365. Businesses using this mail server need to purchase a Microsoft Exchange license for their employees that allows them to gain access to work programs on the server. These licenses are considered Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licenses and are available on a monthly charge basis. This is beneficial to businesses as they are not locked into a lengthy contract. For example, if a business purchases a CSP license for an employee and that person leaves the company after two months, the business will not be on the books for a one-year contract with 10 months of it going to waste.

    Exchange 365 is a very secure mail server as it has anti-malware and anti-phishing protection in its mailboxes and disaster recovery capabilities in place. Requiring a license to use the service is a logical security measure. Many businesses are turning to the cloud for software storage and this information is obviously not meant for prying eyes. These licenses also ensure that the employee will only have access to company programs and information. The low cost of these licenses is amazing considering the amount of security behind a license requirement. Microsoft Exchange 365 licenses purchased at Tech Supply Shop will work regardless of where a company’s copies of Office or Project were bought. These are genuine Microsoft CSP licenses and quick delivery is guaranteed.

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