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BizTalk Adapter Pack - Processor License - Open Gov [XRA-00197] -
BizTalk Adapter Pack - Processor License & SA - Open Gov [XRA-00033] -
BizTalk Server Enterprise RFID 2010 - Processor License & SA - Open Gov [DHD-00188] -
BizTalk Server Branch 2010 - Processor License & SA - Open Gov [HJA-00221] -
BizTalk Server Enterprise 2010 - Processor License & SA - Open Gov [F52-00352] -
BizTalk Server Enterprise 2010 - Processor License - Open Gov [F52-01911] -
BizTalk Server Branch 2010 - Processor License - Open Gov [HJA-00561] -
BizTalk Server Standard 2010 - Processor License & SA - Open Gov [D75-00222] -
BizTalk Server Standard 2010 - Processor License - Open Gov [D75-01715] -
BizTalk Server Enterprise RFID 2010 - Processor License - Open Gov [DHD-00243] -
Client Management Suite 2012 - Client ML & SA (Per User) - Open Government [MFF-00479] -
Client Management Suite 2012 - Client ML & SA (Per OSE) - Open Gov [MFF-00478] -

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Microsoft's products include operating systems; cross-device productivity applications; server applications; business solution applications; desktop and server management tools; software development tools and video games. Microsoft also manufactures devices, including PC’s, tablets, gaming consoles, phones, and accessories, that integrate with the

Microsoft develops, licenses, and supports a range of software products, services, and devices for:

  • Productivity & Business Processes
  • Intelligent Cloud
  • Personal Computing

Productivity and Business Processes

These are products and services that boost productivity, communication, and information services, multiple devices and platforms.

Primarily comprised of Office, including volume licensing and subscriptions to Office 365 for products, like Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Client Access Licenses (CALs); Office Consumer, including Office, sold through retail or an Office 365 consumer subscription, and Office Consumer Services, including Skype, and OneDrive, and Dynamics business solutions, including Dynamics ERP products, Dynamics CRM on-premises, and Dynamics CRM Online. Office is designed to manage personal, team and organizational productivity through a range of products and services. Office 365 is its cloud-based service that provides access to Office plus other productivity services. Skype is designed to connect friends, family, clients, and colleagues through multiple devices.

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Intelligent Cloud

These products consist of public, private, and hybrid server products and cloud services. This division primarily comprises Server products and cloud services, including SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio, System Center, and related CALs, as well as Azure, and Enterprise Services, including Premier Support and Microsoft Consulting Services. Server products are designed to make IT professionals, developers, and systems more efficient. Server software is integrated server infrastructure designed to support software applications built on Windows Server operating system. This includes the server platform, database, business intelligence, storage, management and operations, virtualization, service-oriented architecture platform, security, and identity software. It also licenses standalone and software development lifecycle tools for software architects, developers and project managers. CALs provide access rights to server products SQL and Windows Servers. Azure is a scalable cloud platform, networking, storage, database, and management, along with advanced services, like analytics, and solutions, such as Enterprise Mobility Suite. Azure includes a platform that helps developers build, deploy, and manage enterprise, mobile, Web, and Internet of Things applications, for any platform or device. Azure enables customers to devote more resources to development and use of applications that benefit organizations, rather than managing on-premises hardware and software.

Personal Computing

These products are geared towards end users, developers, and IT professionals. This division primarily comprises Windows, including Windows OEM licensing and other non-volume licensing of Windows operating system, volume licensing of the Windows operating system, patent licensing, Windows Embedded, MSN display advertising and Windows Phone licensing. Devices enable people and organizations to connect to people and content using integrated Microsoft services and Windows. Surface is designed to help organizations, students, and consumers to be more productive.

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