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    Home Theater Cables & Tools – Tech Supply Shop

    Whether you want to turn your lounge space into a media center for the big game or premier or need to ramp up your office’s presentation space, Tech Supply Shop has all the essential cables, electrical components, wires, wall plates and more for your home theater systems. From lengthy spools of affordable speaker wire to 12-outlet surge protectors, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal home theater accessories for your unique needs in our always-expanding selection. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just give us a call at 949-520-1876 or drop us a note via our contact page. We’re happy to assist you with your purchase.

    Save a Ton on Bulk Speaker Cable & Speaker Wire

    Your home theater room will be powered like a professional with our bulk speaker cable that comes with 100 feet of high-quality clear copper cable wire. We also have premium-shielded speaker wire in bulk or in 100-, 250- or 500-foot lengths featuring quality constructions for consistent, high-quality audio output. You can use these wires for hooking up speakers, A/V receivers and amplifiers thanks to the flexible cabling designed for precise powering around corners and in tight spaces. Brands like SIIG, Inc. and C2G manufacture quality speaker wire for home and enterprise use. Many of these brands back their cables with lifetime warranties.

    Affordable Surge Suppressors & More

    Tech Supply Shop also supplies a great selection of home theater surge suppressors and surge protectors by Tripp-Lite and CyberPower. High-performance protection means you can run high-output home theater systems without damaging surges, line noise and other events that cause lower performance and service disruptions. These home theater surge protectors are unique in that they’re designed to bring sharper, crisper video and enhanced audio for a truly memorable home viewing experience. We have six-, seven- and 12-outlet surge suppressors in this great selection from

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