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    Panda AntiVirus Pro 2015 – Tech Supply Shop

    With Panda AntiVirus Pro 2015, internet security is black and white. Panda Antivirus delivers superior protection against a wide range of known and unknown threats to keep your system safe and secure. The software features a bidirectional firewall to keep hackers and intruders out of your wireless network, a vulnerability most users don’t even think of. The software also delivers protection against online identity theft, phishing scams and more. If something sneaks in, Panda also packs a rescue kit that will help disinfect your PC and restore your system.

    Get Protected Quickly

    When it comes to internet security, every second matters. Each minute that you spend online opens another opportunity for a hacker or virus to infiltrate your system. Stop security breaches before they happen by downloading Panda AntiVirus Pro 2015 from Tech Supply Shop. The instant download offers the fastest protection possible so your system is never unguarded. Each download comes with one license for one year of protection on one PC computer.

    Maximum Protection Against Threats

    With Panda internet security, you’ll be protected against all known and unknown threats. The software offers users the ability to install it and forget about it. Updates are downloaded automatically and the software runs in the background, protecting your computer without you having to do anything. Panda removes viruses, threats and malware that are pre-existing and then blocks new threats from gaining access. The real-time protection works in the background without interrupting your regular activities.

    There’s even a wireless network security feature that includes a bidirectional firewall to protect your Wi-Fi network from unauthorized users. Chat, share videos and surf the net with confidence knowing you’re the only one using your wireless connection. While you’re surfing the net, Panda will be in the background protecting you against online fraud, identity theft, phishing attempts and more.

    For the best security against known and unknown threats, choose Panda AntiVirus Pro 2015 from Tech Supply Shop. The internet security package is priced affordably and offers superior protection for your PC. Order now and download some peace of mind. 

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