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    McAfee Antivirus and Security – Tech Supply Shop

    Enjoy top-notch protection from one of the world’s leading antivirus and internet security firms by choosing McAfee Antivirus from Tech Supply Shop. McAfee is known for offering business and consumer solutions that make the internet a safer place. Protection, detection and correction of threats happen simultaneously and collaboratively to keep sensitive information secure whether you're a home user or a corporation. By working with other security players to expand their library of known and unknown threats, McAfee delivers the best protection against cyber criminals.

    Award-Winning Protection

    McAfee Antivirus delivers award-winning protection using the threat intelligence of over 100 million customers world-wide. The software successfully identifies, quarantines and stops the threats before they can harm your computer. By removing malware and other hazards, you’ll optimize your PC’s performance, possibly resulting in a noticeable increase in speed.

    Wi-Fi Protection

    With McAfee, even your Wi-Fi network is protected. The software includes a two-way firewall that protects against dangerous downloads and uninvited users. You’ll receive an alert when an unwanted guest tries to steal your Wi-Fi bandwidth. Internet connection theft is one of the leading causes of unnecessary lag and downtime. Protect yourself and your expensive internet service with McAfee.

    Multi-System Protection

    With McAfee Antivirus from Tech Supply Shop, you can get the protection you need for less. Whether you’re looking to install the software on one PC or several, we offer the licensing solutions you need to cover all of your devices. Our multi-system protection solutions make it easy to cover all of your computers or devices, ensuring total security during your online activities. The low-cost antivirus solution is affordable for home or corporate users.

    Shop with Tech Supply Shop to get the powerful internet protection you need to keep your computer and other systems safe. With McAfee you’ll have access to one of the largest databases of known and unknown threats in the world for improved protection and reduced downtimes. Order now and take advantage of Tech Supply Shop’s low pricing on this powerful protection.

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