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    AVG Antivirus and Security – Tech Supply Shop

    Get the protection you need to surf the internet with confidence by ordering AVG Antivirus and Security software. The powerful program goes above and beyond using the latest technology to block viruses, hackers and malware before they can infiltrate your system. The software is designed to constantly update and evolve to cope with the latest threats and criminal tactics. With access to updates from AVG labs, you can rest easy knowing your virus protection is always current and searching for the latest threats. With protection for up to three computers, AVG is a great choice for households or small offices.

    Complete Protection for an Incredible Value

    AVG Antivirus delivers complete protection for an incredible value. The software protects against spyware, malware and other computer viruses that can steal your information or harm your files. Whether it’s adware, worms, trojans or some other threat, AVG will identify and stop it. Using the AVG database, the software can scan your system to find matches of known viruses or infections, then remove them without harming your files. It can even scan files that have been copied, saved, opened or downloaded from the internet to check for malicious content.

    When you’re shopping or doing online banking, AVG Antivirus will keep your personal information safe from cyber criminals. The software recognizes and stops security threats and data breeches before criminals have the opportunity to access your confidential information.

    Works Silently in the Background

    What’s better than powerful internet security software that works without you having to think about it? AVG Antivirus runs silently in the background to defend your computer without monopolizing the processing speed or memory. With smart technology, the software can run on low-priority mode while the computer is in use and high-priority mode when it is not. With security alerts, you can choose whether you want to deal with security threats on your own or have the software handle it.

    For gamers, AVG Antivirus 2016 can’t be beat. The software protects accounts against potential threats seeking to gain login information in order to steal rewards, gear and other extras that can be sold for cash.

    For comprehensive online protection, shop for AVG Antivirus from Tech Supply Shop. Choose from licenses for one to three computers with subscriptions that last for one to two years. Order your choice of a retail box or instant download for the same low price. Back to top