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Microsoft Access LTSC 2021 CSP MFR # GMGF0D7FV-0001-P


Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access has dominated the kingdom of data management over the years. And for good reason too. No doubt, this program has been the central powerhouse of countless small, medium and large enterprises. Microsoft has always been at the forefront of innovation with each release of Access and it's no different with Access 2016. Aside from the augmented capacities, advanced integration functions and the faster performance, Microsoft Access has improved all-round, even down to the smallest degree of fine-tuning. One of their key aims has been to make Access easier to understand and more proficient at the same time. Quite a feat and they have done exceptionally well. Here are just a few ways in which Microsoft Access has taken first prize in the world of data management:

Report View Eliminates Extra Reports

The new Report View feature is unlike Print Preview. It lets the user perform ad hoc filters on a report, much like the way they can filter forms. For instance, you can filter on a specific column value or words that begin with or contain certain letters, a date range, etc. The result is custom-made reports, with totals automatically recalculated. There is no programming required on your behalf. Simply open the report in Report View. This feature greatly eliminates the need to create individual reports and gives more control to the end user.

Add Datasheet Totals

There is a dedicated automated Total function that creates a Total row in your datasheet where you can specify the type of summary you want for each column. The Totals data follows the datasheet's formatting and works for datasheet views of tables, queries, and forms.

Output Reports to PDF

Reports can now be easily produced as PDF files. This is done without even needing to add a separate PDF printer. It is integrated as another output type which makes it much easy to distribute your reports.

Improved Filtering Options

Microsoft Access now provides filtering options that are easier for users to understand when creating their filter rules. Technical syntax has been replaced with a more easily readable language. Date selection is also much easier with a choice of common date ranges and formats. Datasheets have a dropdown option on the column header to let users create query-like content right there. No need for complicated SQL statements--users can just filter interactively.

Trusted Locations

Trusted locations can now be declared beforehand to avoid the security warnings when opening a database stored in those locations. Any Microsoft Access database stored there is automatically considered trusted and the user does not have to still approve the running of the module code.

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