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    Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business

    Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business

    Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 provides access to a suite of powerful productivity applications from virtually anywhere in the world. The suite comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, so you can send emails, control your calendar, video conference with people across the word, update documents and much more from your PC, smartphone or tablet. Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 is one of the most powerful software suites available and will keep your home and work life organized. 

    Stay Connected

    With Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business, it’s easy to stay connected, no matter where you are. The cloud-enabled software allows you to sign into Office and access your documents and settings from virtually any location. This software works with PC computes and other Windows 8 devices. It is optimized for touch, so you can even use it on your favorite Windows-based tablet.

    Enhanced User Experience

    Office 2013 Home and Business delivers the best user experience yet. The software includes a Tell Me box where you can type what you need help with for instant answers. You can also change the software’s theme to suit your style and enjoy an enhanced reading experience with insights, powered by Bing. Even Word has gotten a makeover, so you can insert an online video, open PDF and edit the content or align pictures in your document with minimal fuss.

    Get Help When You Need it

    With Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business, you can get the help you need, when you need it. The software is fully supported by Microsoft and will continue to be supported until April 2023. There’s also an Office 2013 support site, so you can get help identifying icons or watch helpful tutorials on specific help topics. You can even join the Office community to ask a specific question or see what others are talking about. On top of all of the available support, there’s also an Office Blog where you can learn about feature updates and get tips for staying productive and creating professional-looking documents.

    New Features of Office 2013

    Microsoft has always been at the forefront of productivity software development. Each release of Office has seen more and more innovation. You can also have the power of Microsoft at your fingertips when you download Office 2013. Several existing features have enjoyed upgrades and there’s even some new ones that are sure to boost your productivity on all fronts. Let’s look at some of them.

    PDF Editing

    Previously, you could easily save a Word document as a PDF file but not the other way around. The new Word 2013 can open PDF files, edit them right there and then save them. No need for third-party add-ons or downloads. The structure of the PDF file is retained, even if the document has lists or tables. This feature alone is guaranteed to save you invaluable time by allowing you to make any changes yourself. You don’t have to find the person with the original text or pay for other apps to do editing. All this comes standard when you download Office 2013.

    Syncing and SkyDrive Integration

    Now your Office documents can be available to you from any device at any time. Thanks to cloud technology, all your work can be synced online and then accessed from anywhere. You can use a computer, tablet or even a smartphone that has a supported browser. All of Microsoft’s Office Online apps for Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint have been upgraded with more functionality, the new modern-style look and Office application color coding. Office 2013 is designed to integrate with SkyDrive and SharePoint.

    No More Multiple Versions

    Multiple versions of one document has been the source of endless confusion for users. But, when you download Office 2013, that problem is solved. Any changes or inserted comments are now consolidated into a single version, if you’re using SkyDrive. Comments from different authors are shown as a single combined thread. It appears as a conversation so you can see who replied to what, in what context and when it happened. Comments marked as Done are collapsed and appear gray but the details contained therein are accessible at any time. There is also a Lock Tracking feature which ensures you can see clearly when changes are made, even the most inconspicuous ones.

    Bookmarks in Files

    This is a simple yet incredibly useful feature found in Word and PowerPoint when you download Office 2013. You can now place a virtual bookmark at any point and then close the file. This is especially helpful in a lengthy document or a presentation with numerous slides. When you reopen it, it is opened at the precise place you stopped.

    Be more productive and more organized with Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013. The powerful software suite is available from Tech Supply Shop at an incredibly low price. Order today and choose from our different licensing options to get the version that’s right for you.

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