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    Microsoft Exchange Server CALs – Tech Supply Shop

    If your business uses Microsoft Exchange, odds are that you’ll need a Microsoft Exchange 2016 CAL. A CAL is a Client Access License. These additional licenses serve as a safety measure to prevent unauthorized access to servers, giving your business, school or organization an added layer of security. CALs are assigned to one person each and each person on your team will need one to use Exchange. Tech Supply Shop offers CAL licenses for Microsoft Exchange standard and professional at affordable prices. CAL licenses are part of the Microsoft Volume Licensing Program.

    Save Money with Volume Licensing

    Volume licensing is one way to save your business money. With volume licensing, you can order as many or as few licenses as you need and you’ll only pay for what you use. Microsoft understands that needs change over time, so you can order additional CAL licenses for use with your server at any time. The CAL licensing program is designed for businesses with between two and 250 users that purchase licenses on an as-needed basis rather than all at once.

    Improve Security

    Microsoft Exchange Server is known for its impeccable security measures and the use of CAL licensing is just one more layer of added security that helps keep your information safe. By using Client Access Licenses, unauthorized users will not be able to access your servers. The licenses are assigned to one person each and each person on your team will need their own license to access Exchange.

    In addition to CAL licenses, Microsoft Exchange has additional security measures in place, so whether you’re using a laptop computer, a tablet or a cell phone, accessing emails and information will be a safe endeavor. Exchange includes data loss prevention technology that’s ideal for keeping sensitive information secure.

    Enjoy enhanced security and reduced costs by choosing Microsoft Exchange Server CALs from Tech Supply Shop. Small businesses enjoy the freedom to order as many or as few licenses as they need for employees to access the company server’s and retrieve important information securely. Order now for the best prices and fast delivery times.

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