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Vmware Vsphere 5 Essentials Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host

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Vmware Vsphere 5 Essentials Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host Vmware Vsphere 5 Essentials Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host
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Vmware Vsphere 5 Essentials Kit

vSphere Essentials Kit is an all-in-one solution ideal for small offices.

Enables consolidation of applications

Support is optional and available on a per-incident basis. vSphere Essentials Kit enables consolidation and management of applications to reduce hardware and operating costs—all with a low upfront investment. Essentials must be purchased along with a one-year subscription to software patches and updates.

3 Hosts

Max 2 Processors Per Host

Ideal for small offices

VMware vSphere Essentials Kit is all-in-one solutions for small environments (up to three hosts with two CPUs each).

Maximize application availability


Always-available IT

Achieve always-available IT with live migration for virtual machines and high availability for applications in virtual-machine clusters.

Protect information assets


Data protection

Protect your data with the reliability of vSphere and integrated backup, recovery and failover features.

Consolidate and optimize IT investments

Achieve consolidation ratios of 10:1 or higher and improve hardware utilization from 5–15 percent to 80 percent or more without sacrificing application performance.

Simplify management and enhance productivity

Provision new applications in minutes instead of days or weeks, monitor virtual-machine performance and automate patch and update management.

Streamline software development


Test complex multitier configurations

Safely test complex multitier configurations in a secure, isolated sandbox environment while enabling test and development teams to share server, network and storage infrastructure.

Compare of Vsphere Essentials Kit and Vsphere Essentials Plus Kit

vSphere Essentials Plus Kit adds features such as vSphere vMotion®, vSphere HA, and vSphere Data Protection™ to vSphere Essentials to enable always-on IT for the small environment.

Vsphere Essentials Kit Vsphere Essentials Plus Kit
CapEx Savings
Business Continuity for planned and unplanned downtime
vSphere vMotion and High Availability
Business Data Protection
vSphere Data Protection, vShield Endpoint and vSphere Replication

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Customer Reviews

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Easy to implement

the only thing that sometimes prevents the implementation of Vmware Vsphere 5 Essentials Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host on our blades is the cost of their licenses, but nevertheless she complies with all the things that they offer, the savings, for energy consumption since from a blades I can implement through machines virtual solutions that I had to do for each server, now I do everything in a centralized and more direct way reducing the costs of both electric consumption and air conditioning facilities. during the implementation I found it a bit easy to deploy, with esxi as support and seed, then I activate your license and I manage it with vmware vsphere client or from the web client, it allows me to manage the resources of my host, to get more advantage to the benefits of my blades, it should be noted that the high availability features between hosts are guaranteed with this implementation.

I highly Recommend

I highly recommend the solutions that Vmware Vsphere 5 Essentials Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host provides, it is worth noting that it is the standard of virtualization, in the market and without a doubt it gives you security and continuity in the business for the future, and scalability of your platform so that it does not get lost in time. I say! use vmware. We are currently deploying all our blades infrastructure, in each esxi host, for the installation of vsphere, and later centralizing with vcenter, these solutions will make our data center always have high availability and hot migrations at the time of any failure in addition to vmware storage vmotion, and vsan for the complementation of our infrastructure and provide a better service to our customers.

Easy manage of infrastructure

in the company the vsphere solution was implemented, to update our blades, and turn them into clusters, for the total and centralized administration, thus allowing to migrate virtual machines between cluster and manage our data storage, thus allowing to guarantee stability and operation to our clients. I like Vmware Vsphere 5 Essentials Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host because it allows me to manage my infrastructure in a dynamic and simple way, connecting through its different clients, both the client vsphere, and its web client I can manage both the esxi, as the center of vcenter, being able to create virtual machines to manage dynamically my hust, and move the machines between the clusters.