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MFR # B21-01421

Microsoft Mappoint 2013 Pc Digital License & Media

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Microsoft MapPoint 2013 PC Retail Box - Microsoft Mappoint 2013 Pc Digital License & Media
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Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
  • Manufacturer Part Number B21-01421
  • Manufacturer Website Address
  • Brand Name Microsoft
  • Product Type Software
  • Software Name MapPoint 2013 32-bit
  • Platform Supported PC
  • License Pricing Standard
  • Distribution Media/Method Digital Delivery
  • Features
      • Updated maps-along with 2013 version software and refreshed geographic data.
      • Customized map settings-you can mark map features such as cities and boundaries with symbols or labels-or leave them unmarked.
      • Hundreds of pushpin images-includes those from previous versions of MapPoint.
      • GPS-ready-share your route to your GPS devices.
      • Data mapping-easy-to-use tools help you visualize the meaning of your data.
      • Create territories-define and communicate your own delivery or sales areas.
      • Maps and directions-easily follow your route with detailed directions (voice and text-prompted) to arrive on time.
      • Programming-build customized applications for fleet tracking and routing that reduce costs and increase service quality.


Microsoft Mappoint 2013 PC License

Microsoft MapPoint 2013 is powerful mapping software that makes it easy to combine business data with mapping and location.It allows users to view, edit and integrate maps.

Facilitate geographical visualization of locations throughout the world

The technology was designed to facilitate geographical visualization of locations throughout the world. Though the program was originally intended for business users, it has also enjoyed considerable popularity in the low-end geographic information system market. The unique functionality of the software including the Streets and Trips feature allows the program to work well for individual mapping needs.

Perform data mapping from various sources

Using MapPoint, you can turn complex business information stored in spreadsheets and data tables into easy-to-understand maps. MapPoint is able to perform data mapping from various sources including:

Microsoft Excel

Visual Basic

The power to visualize sales, competitor, and customer data

Microsoft MapPoint 2013 gives you the power to visualize sales, competitor, and customer data to make better business decisions and communicate insights with instant impact.

Easily plan better trips

When on the road, get trip-routing and turn-by-turn directions to easily plan better trips (GPS device sold separately).

2.5 million points of interest

Reasons to try are updated maps, a new look, and 2.5 million points of interest.

Create information-rich maps

Create information-rich maps with your data to show important relationships, identify business trends, and illustrate opportunities.

Make business connections

Take advantage of the proximity to specific geographic locations to make business connections.

Take advantage of the powerful data-mapping and trip-planning features in MapPoint to extend your business, identify new customer opportunities, navigate with ease

Download the last version released

MapPoint was officially discontinued on December 31, 2014 and is no longer supported by Microsoft. It has been since replaced with Bing Maps and the Windows 10 app Windows Maps.

Microsoft MapPoint 2013

Though the product was discontinued, you can still download the last version released, Microsoft MapPoint 2013 from Tech Supply Shop.

The program ships in a retail box and includes an original disc as well as all of the original installation and user instructions.

Please note that the maps and geographical data included in this version were last updated in 2013, so there may be some discrepancies.

Why buy a discontinued mapping program

MapPoint is one of the easiest-to-use data mapping tools on the market. Its easy for users to create information-rich data relationships while identifying business trends and highlighting opportunities for growth.

Map your entire trip

When traveling, users can map their entire trip, whether they want to minimize mileage and stops

Easy to use

MapPoint 2013 includes several customizable features, hundreds of pushpin images and more.

Share your route

It is GPS-ready so you can share your route with your favorite GPS devices with ease.

Ready to get started?

Order your copy of MapPoint from Tech Supply Shop today to get the best price and the fastest delivery.

Shop with confidence

At Tech Supply Shop, the price you see is the price you pay. Shop with confidence because installation on this product is guaranteed or your money back.

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Customer Reviews

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Business user in mind

v is more though, Mappoint is designed with the business user in mind. You can integrate Mappoint with Microsoft Office and Access databases and use it to create beautiful business map graphics that are based on geography and then import them into powerpoint. If you're a business user developing marketing plans, analyzing markets, deciding where to put your next franchise, Mappoint is a great tool to help you with that.

works like a charm

I have an 8 year old computer that I put this on and Microsoft Mappoint 2013 Pc Physical License & Disc installed like a dream. In case you don't have a dvd, they give you a link to download from, and then you could use the product key that comes with it. Activation was not an issue for me - it went quickly and there was nothing to fill out as I already have a LiveID. (I have had to call with some MS products before and it drives me crazy!) I planned a yard sale route this morning and it gave me the quickest way to get to all the sales! I'll be using it every weekend I go for this! Just get your paper or your addresses. Everything goes right to your GPS too! Now, the feature I want to rave on the most is the coupons feature. This one feature is my favorite - you can put in your trip route or just search by city or location, and the software will find all the places that have coupons available, and you can print them out. There's a LOT of bogo restaurant coupons and I saw a lot of 50% hotel coupons for the Southeastern area. There's even some retail coupons offered. Just find your area and then click control +J and it will give you a list of what is available. I never even realized what a great bargain hunter's dream this software was! I thought it was just for sticking maps in documents or route planning for businesses. I've already been telling my bargain hunting friends to check out the free 60 day trial.

Incredibly Versatile

Incredibly versatile, Microsoft Mappoint 2013 Pc Physical License & Disc is packed with mapping functionality and the options are plentiful. Once you begin to explore MapPoint's features, you will quickly realize its potential benefits for either recreational travel or business. It is a powerful piece of software. The pushpins have been updated to include many more symbols to choose from. Planned routes can be searched for places or points of interests along the way within specified distances, and MapPoint will display an easy-to-follow proximity-highlighted readout of the results complete with extended information. You can easily expand or contract the distance criterea as well. There are so many possibilites with Microsoft Mappoint 2013 Pc Physical License & Disc, and it is a much more powerful program than Streets and Trips. Powerful Data Mapping features allow you to do business-related analysis visually. If you are interested only in finding your way around, it would be more cost-efficient to go the Streets and Trips route...otherwise this is a remarkable package - I love Microsoft Mappoint 2013 Pc Physical License & Disc!