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Laplink Safe Erase 8 32bit

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Laplink Software Inc Laplink Safe Erase 8 32bit Esd - Laplink Safe Erase 8 32bit
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Laplink Safe Erase 8 32bit

Laplink SafeErase 8 permanently erases your data for complete protection. Deleted data can often be recovered. Even when hard disks are formatted, anyone can use simple data recovery software and obtain personal confidential data - unless you use Laplink SafeErase! Protect yourself and your data with SafeErase, the fastest and most secure way to permanently delete sensitive information. SafeErase utilizes a series of government recommended deletion methods to completely wipe personal data from your hard drive so that it is unrecoverable.

Laplink SafeErase 8 MAIN Features:

  • Permanently Erase Your Internet Browser Data, Files, Partitions, and Entire Hard Drives for Complete Protection!
  • For computers using 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • Employs six methods for secure elimination of your confidential data.
  • Fastest deletion method overwrites with zeros for the fastest deletion times.
  • Choose from pre-defined and individual deletion profiles and receive detailed reports on the deletion process.

Laplink SafeErase 8 is the solution for the secure removal of sensitive data on your hard disk and offers you valuable protection. SafeErase does not simply erase files, but it destroys them using recognized and recommended methods. The reasons for securely deleting data are many. Old E-mail files, Internet history, file caches, financial data, business information and private data should be protected from unauthorized access.

There are many reasons for SafeErasing data. It becomes very important to remove data completely, for example, if you want to sell your old Windows computer, or give away a hard drive or memory card. You also need to be careful when you want to get rid of your spent company computer or return it to the leasing company. Formatting the volumes is not enough to SafeErasedata. Data spies will have a feast while restoring your personal data, e.g. pictures, Emails or your financial data.

Laplink SafeErase 8 is the solution to SafeErase sensitive data and therefore offers valuable dataprotection. Laplink SafeErasedoes not simply erasefiles, but it destroys them using recognized and recommended methods. You can make sure that your private or business data willnot be seen by anybody unauthorized. Data deleted just once with Laplink SafeErase can never be reconstructed, even while using specialized software.

You can choose from different algorithms to erase data. These methods are recommended and used by the US Department of Defense and the German Federal Office of Information Security. In other words, SafeErase provides the highest standard in security. If you are selling, giving away, or recycling your computer, use Laplink SafeErase 8 to delete your entire computer so that no data can be reconstructed or accessed.

Deleting is more complicated than it sounds. Moving a file to the RecycleBin and then emptying the Bin doesn't really delete the file from the hard disk. The directory entry is removed, but the data itself remains on the harddisk and can therefore be restored. Formatting a partition is also not usually enough. Even a low level-formatting on the BIOS level is no secure solution, since data-even if it requires more effort - can always be reconstructed.

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