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A client access license, or CAL, gives a user the right to use certain services provided by a network server — for instance, printing or sharing files. There are many types of client access licenses, including user CALs and device CALs.

At Tech Supply Shop, we carry a variety of CALs that can ensure you and the people in your organization use software legally. These licenses are available at our always low prices, and our great service ensures that you will spend as much as you need but no more than you need to use your software legally.

Tech Supply Shop offers CALs for a wide variety of situations and software, including Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Software licensing can sometimes seem complicated because of the technical nature of technology and the law, so if you have questions, call Tech Supply Shop toll free. Our in-house support and sales staff here in California will help you decide what CAL or CALs you need, if any, so that you will be operating legally but also as cost effectively as possible.