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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange has proven to be a valuable product for businesses large and small since became available to the public in 1996. Exchange serves as a calendaring and mail server and has its roots as the mail client for Microsoft corporate headquarters. In the early days, Exchange exclusively used the proprietary protocol MAPI. After Exchange became available for use outside the walls of Microsoft, support for POP3, IMAP and SMTP was added.

Exchange is closely linked with other Microsoft programs including Microsoft Project and the release schedule for Exchange mirrors Project. Tech Supply Shop has a large selection of Exchange software and licenses available, from the most recent release to versions from 2003. Unlike software such as Project, Exchange does not have “Professional” product to go along with a “Standard” version. Instead, large businesses and corporations can use Enterprise versions. While each version operates in similar fashion, the Enterprise versions of Exchange can scale to 50 or 100 mounted databases per server.

By contrast, Standard editions can scale to a maximum of 5 mounted databases per server. Mounted databases are the databases that are in use on the system. These databases can serve as the active mailbox database for use by a company or be used as a passive mailbox database in recovery for relay and log replication. In addition to choosing between enterprise or standard editions, you can select your product by the type of license. Some products have a standard user CAL while others have 5 CALs included. A CAL is a client access license and this is a requirement for accessing Microsoft server software on a server. You can narrow your choices of Exchange Server software by using the menu at left and while there are many software options available, you can be assured that all of these titles and licenses are genuine Microsoft products.