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Vmware Vsphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host

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Vmware Vsphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host | VMWare Vmware Vsphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host
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Vmware Vsphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit

VMware vSphere? Essentials Plus Kit deliver the industry-leading virtualization platform at an affordable price for IT environments that run 20 or fewer server workloads.

Comprehensive and cost-effective virtualization

vSphere Essentials Plus Kit provides virtualization and centralized management for up to three server hosts. With vSphere Essentials Plus Kit, a small business can leverage a comprehensive and cost-effective virtualization solution to protect its business, reduce its IT footprint and save on IT costs.

vSphere Essentials Plus Kit is designed for small businesses that are getting started with virtualization.

Key benefits

VMware vSphere is the industry?s leading and most reliable virtualization platform.

Provide business continuity and alwaysavailable IT

Reduce IT footprint and simplify management

Save on IT hardware costs

Improve service levels and application quality

Ensure business continuity

Small businesses can ensure business continuity without shared storage hardware by using features such as

vSphere High Availability

Automatic restart of applications when server failures are detected

vSphere vMotion?

Elimination of planned downtime during server maintenance

Protect your business applications and data

Protect your business applications and data with features such as

Enable agentless backups

VMware vSphere Data Protection? is a newly architected solution based on EMC Avamar technology that enables agentless backups with built-in deduplication.

Agentless antivirus

vShield Endpoint provides agentless antivirus and antimalware protection to secure your virtual machines

Low-cost replication

vSphere Replication adds low-cost replication for your virtual machines and provides a foundation for small businesses to leverage a cloud-based disaster-recovery solution

Easy upgrade

As small businesses grow and their needs increase, they can easily upgrade to vSphere with Operations Management Acceleration Kits for more-advanced capabilities.

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Customer Reviews

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I love the feel of Vsphere

I love the look and feel of VVmware Vsphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host. The layout is very simple and not convoluted with unneeded icons and bloatware. It is a get down to work and to the point console. The hosts and clusters appear right up front and center and are in plain view upon launching the console. All the administrative tasks are in a relative simple location to find and configure. Allow all functions of the web based client on the stand alone client. We are using vmware to deploy VMs that will allow us to regression test prior to rolling out to any staging or production regions. This allows us to critique and fix any issues that are seen prior to rolling out.

A Dependable product

Vmware Vsphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host is a dependable product. It will run a large variety of workloads, and operating systems without issue. Quirks are few and far between. For the most part it just works. The versatility is also great. Being the industry standard, most vendors anticipate it, and have experience with it. So we don't really have vendors saying, "we can't promise this will work if you virtualize it..." It really just works.

More Efficient Resource Utilization

More efficient resource utilization. Portability of work loads. Redundancy. We have seen benefits in all of these categories. Our hardware budgets have shrunk by about 75%. without affecting customer experience. All virtualized workloads are portable, between physical vmware servers, and even between datacenters. Any workload can be run on any vmware server. there is one hting i disliked about Vmware Vsphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit For 3 Hosts Max 2 Processors Per Host : The recurring costs of licensing it. But at this point we haven't found a competing product that will offer the versatility and stability we get from VMWare.