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Vmware Vsphere 6 Enterprise Plus

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Vmware Vsphere 6 Enterprise Plus Vmware Vsphere 6 Enterprise Plus
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Vmware Vsphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit

VMware vSphere? Essentials Plus Kit deliver the industry-leading virtualization platform at an affordable price for IT environments that run 20 or fewer server workloads.

Comprehensive and cost-effective virtualization

vSphere Essentials Plus Kit provides virtualization and centralized management for up to three server hosts. With vSphere Essentials Plus Kit, a small business can leverage a comprehensive and cost-effective virtualization solution to protect its business, reduce its IT footprint and save on IT costs.

vSphere Essentials Plus Kit is designed for small businesses that are getting started with virtualization.

Key benefits

VMware vSphere is the industry?s leading and most reliable virtualization platform.

Provide business continuity and alwaysavailable IT

Reduce IT footprint and simplify management

Save on IT hardware costs

Improve service levels and application quality

Ensure business continuity

Small businesses can ensure business continuity without shared storage hardware by using features such as

vSphere High Availability

Automatic restart of applications when server failures are detected

vSphere vMotion?

Elimination of planned downtime during server maintenance

Protect your business applications and data

Protect your business applications and data with features such as

Enable agentless backups

VMware vSphere Data Protection? is a newly architected solution based on EMC Avamar technology that enables agentless backups with built-in deduplication.

Agentless antivirus

vShield Endpoint provides agentless antivirus and antimalware protection to secure your virtual machines

Low-cost replication

vSphere Replication adds low-cost replication for your virtual machines and provides a foundation for small businesses to leverage a cloud-based disaster-recovery solution

Easy upgrade

As small businesses grow and their needs increase, they can easily upgrade to vSphere with Operations Management Acceleration Kits for more-advanced capabilities.

VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus is an industry-leading virtualization program that will help your business operate more efficiently by getting the most from your infrastructure and applications. It's the ideal foundation for any cloud environment and works with virtually any application and any cloud system. The software also streamlines administrative tasks with the addition of an Operations Management system for improved control and a simplified customer experience. The software can also provide helpful insights that will assist your system administrators in improving performance and resource availability.?

Customers that have switched to VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus 6 have experienced a significant reduction in costs for IT infrastructure management as well as a measurable decrease in downtime of tier-one applications. The software also improves visibility, availability and capacity of your servers, providing more resources where theyre needed the most without the need for costly upgrades. Generally speaking, most customers that purchase VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus 6 see a return on their investment within the first year.?

One of the most exciting features of vSphere Enterprise Plus is the ability to use containers. The program features integrated containers that provide critical infrastructure to help your IT Ops run traditional or containerized applications side-by-side without missing a beat. By supporting containers in virtualized environments, IT teams are able to get the security, isolation and management they need to ensure great speeds and functionality.

If youre ready for improved IT operations, reduced costs and a simpler administrative dashboard, its time to download VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus 6 from Tech Supply Shop. The intuitive, ready-to-use system will be delivered via email within 30 minutes of purchase when you order before 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Basic support and production support plans are available to supplement your software for an additional cost. Investing in your companys infrastructure can be a big decision. At Tech Supply Shop, we make the decision easier by offering a money-back installation guarantee. Order online and download directly into your system without worry about failed downloads or aborted installations.

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Customer Reviews

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Used it for 5 years

We use VMware vSphere for more than 5 years in our company. Say what are the things I like VMware really take a long time, but get to the point. The stability and reliability of the platform really make the best virtualization solution in the world, no doubt. I have tried other products and none is up to VMware. In addition to easy deployment in the data center, the features offered by the administrator are amazing. For example, HA, FT, vMotion, are all features that protect information and achieve use of infrastructure completely. It is the pioneer in virtualization on x86 platform, and today it is not possible to think in environments that are not virtualized with VMware,. I really dislike few things , but one could say that within those few things is the operating speed of the Web Client. It could improve a lot in this regard, for example by allowing use Flash for your interface. It should also keep the windows customer in the future release of vSphere 6

it rocks

I have used Citrix Xenserver and Hyper-V as well. I strongly prefer Vmware Vsphere 6 Enterprise Plus over them both. Much better interface. VMware regularly releases improvements that make make it more flexible, more powerful, and easier to manage. Over there years they have added the ability to use live migration to virtual servers and virtual disks. In the x86 world, VMware invented server virtualization and they continue to stay ahead of all the other companies, including Microsoft. VMware vSphere is just awesome. It works well. It is rock solid. And it makes deploying, supporting, and managing the server environment so much easier and better.

So many benefits from using Vmware Vsphere 6 Enterprise Plus

We have realized so many benefits from our use of Vmware Vsphere 6 Enterprise Plus. We have eliminated many physical computers and have been able to consolidate onto a smaller number of more powerful, expandable computers. We are able to have a very usable test environment without having to dedicate additional expensive hardware. We also have an improved backup and disaster recovery design since we can back up the full virtual servers that can be run anywhere we need. We are able to bring down physical computers by live migration of the hosted virtual servers to other computers, reducing the amount of weekend/off-hours work.