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Techsmith Snagit 13

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Techsmith Snagit 13 Techsmith Snagit 13
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Techsmith Snagit 13

Tech Tool Promises Fun, Personalized Productivity at Work

Replace meetings and emails with new features, including GIFs and on-demand video

Imagine a new worktopia, where your day is free of meetings, and emails are not only efficient but also provide concise and relevant information. This is the world TechSmith envisions with the launch of Snagit 13, announced today. The technology tool's latest version provides the fastest method to capture information and share it in the most personalized way possible.

Snagit 13's new features include:

  • New design for the capture tool, including an innovative panoramic scrolling capture that lets users capture images tall or wide
  • Updated editor that increases user efficiency in the tool, as well as a new crop and text tool
  • New animated GIF functionality, allowing users to create a GIF from a video recording
  • Improved image stability, which improves performance when dealing with images with 10 or more items on the canvas
  • New callout shapes, magnifying tool, and updated stamps, providing more personalization to anything a user snags
  • New webcam feature, with the ability to toggle between webcam and screen video when recording
  • Redesigned video capabilities, allowing users to capture and create videos without being a video pro

Snagit 13 allow users to easily grab, create and share the information that matters most in a fun, familiar manner—reducing time-wasting emails and meetings so professionals can focus on moving the business forward.

Snagit 13's new features create more streamlined communication through an efficient way of interacting. Users in various departments across numerous industries will experience a decrease in tedious email exchanges and a decline in the need to hold long, arduous meetings.

Picture it… as a corporate trainer, you're responsible for ensuring adoption of company tools and processes. Rather than creating boring step-by-step instructions that will probably be ignored or deleted, Snagit 13 allows you to create micro-content in the form of visual help guides or step-by-step job aids. Now employees are able to implement processes with ease, increasing adoption and efficiency for the organization. Sharing micro-content with employees reduces the need for in-person sessions and you ultimately get back that precious thing called time.  

With Snagit 13, IT departments can also breathe a big sigh of relief, as the animated GIF feature will capture granular moments that will help when working with employees in the installation or maintenance of software. Dealing with a software upgrade that has a particular step that needs to be shown, however, a static image might not do it justice and a long-winded video will get lost in translation? IT departments can use Snagit 13 to create instantly consumable and personalized animated GIFs, allowing the capture of these specific moments and making these upgrades more efficient.

Sales and marketing departments will also receive a boost in much-needed fast and clear communication. For marketers, providing quick feedback to mockups of brochures, ads, or websites will require less explanation and can move into program execution faster with Snagit 13's new callout shapes and updated stamps. For the sales team, using Snagit's new Webcam feature to create an on-demand follow-up video response after a pitch can help improve communication and close business faster. Furthermore, these new features eliminate the need to over-explain and clarify, so internal teams, clients and prospects can be on the same page… faster.

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