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Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced 3 Years 2-4 Servers

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Discover current vulnerabilities, assess weaknesses and outdated programs currently in use. Prevent data breaches or hacks within your company.

Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced 3 Years 2-4 Servers | Sophos Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced 3 Years 2-4 Servers
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Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced 3 Years 2-4 Servers

(Must purchase a minimum of 2 licenses)

Defend your data from malware without sacrificing server performance.

Sophos Server Protection protects your server environment from malicious attacks while keeping your servers running at optimum performance. Designed to secure business-critical servers, Sophos Server Protection includes server application whitelisting, advanced anti-malware, and behavior analysis. Its server security made simple, providing protection for your Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems, and optimized for virtual environments.
  • Protects Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems
  • Optimized for virtual environments with a fullfeatured agent or a lighter option
  • Server Lockdown with application whitelisting, utilizing advanced antimalware and HIPS behavior analysis
  • Minimizes resource use for optimal server performance
  • Advanced, policy-based rules; server groups, Application, Peripheral, and Web Control policies
  • Simplified management from either from the cloud or an on premise console

Better protection
Sophos Server Protection offers innovative features like pre-execution emulation for identifying suspicious behavioral patterns, giving you the broadest protection for your servers and data, including from zero-day attacks. Server Lockdown secures servers with a default deny policy, preventing all unauthorized applications from executing. Once a server is locked down, anti-malware, and HIPS (host-based intrusion prevention system) behavior analysis prevent content-based threats (such as an infected PDF or Word document) that could otherwise exploit vulnerabilities within whitelisted applications. Sophos Server Protection now includes Malicious Traffic Detection, which monitors for traffic associated with malware, enabling early detection and removal.

High-performance security built for servers
Servers are the repositories for the majority of organizational data. With users needing continuous access, maximum uptime and optimal performance are of utmost importance. The server-specific policies provide out-of-the-box protection, giving you granular control of the lightweight agent. A variety of server-specific techniques enable small and fast updates, designed to require fewer server resources and mitigate any impact. Automatic application exclusions for key business applications, like Exchange or SQL, prevent false positives and needless rescanning of files.

Simple to use, including one-click Server Lockdown
Sophos Server Protection Advanced is the only solution that locks down your server with a single click, securing servers in a safe state and preventing unauthorized applications from running. With that click, Sophos automatically scans the system, establishes an inventory of known-good applications, and whitelists just those applications. Unlike other whitelisting applications that require manual creation of rules to secure scripts and other system files, Sophos manages the connections between applications and the associated files, such as DLLs, data files and scripts. Sophos automatically creates trusted change rules, which protect the integrity of the applications, prevent malicious in-memory attacks, and make it simple to subsequently update these applications. Plus, Server Lockdown is only an example of how Sophos has made server security simple. With policybased rules for server groups, as well as Application, Peripheral, and Web Control, Sophos makes it easy to control what happens on your servers.

Security for every platform
With support for a broad range of platforms, you can protect every server in your organization. In addition to Windows Server, Sophos Server Protection secures the most common variants of Linux and Unix-based operating systems.

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