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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Product Keycard

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  • Includes
    • Access
    • Excel
    • Outlook
    • Publisher
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
  • Supports 1 User / 1 Device
  • Physical Delivery / 3 - 5 Business Days Estimated Delivery Time
  • Runs On Windows
  • 1 Installation
  • Licensed for Home and Commercial Use
  • Product Key Card Box
Word Excel PowerPoint OneNote Outlook Access Publisher
Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Product Keycard - - 1 Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Product Keycard
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Product Specifications

  • Includes:
    • Microsoft Access 2010
    • Microsoft Excel 2010
    • Microsoft Outlook 2010
    • Microsoft Publisher 2010
    • Microsoft Word 2010
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Installation Method: Digital Download
  • Packaging: PKC Box
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 3 - 5 Business Days
  • Users Supported: 1 User
  • Devices Supported: 1 Device
  • Installations Supported: 1 Installation
  • License Type: Perpetual
  • License Term: Indefinite
  • Licensed Use: Licensed for Home and Commercial Use
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 269-14834-PKC
  • GTIN: 151902925202
  • Features: Product Key Card Box
  • Platform Supported: Windows
  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
  • Minimum Hard Drive Space: 3 GB
  • Minimum Memory: 256 MB
  • Minimum Processor Speed: 500 MHz


Excel 2010

Build a budget and track expenses quickly with built-in templates in Excel 2010. See data trends quickly with powerful analysis tools, such as Sparklines that show a tiny chart embedded in a cell, Slicers that filter data in a PivotTable, or Conditional Formatting to help you easily spot variances. Illustrate your information using improved charting tools and SmartArt graphics to make charts, diagrams, and graphs that are easy to understand and read.

Outlook 2010

Professional Email is easy to create and maintain with Microsoft Outlook. Manage multiple email accounts in Outlook 2010 from services such as Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, or most other providers. Track and manage your email easily with Conversation View in Outlook 2010, a feature that lets you condense, categorize, and even ignore lengthy email exchanges with a single click.

Word 2010

Word Processing at its pinnacle. Start creating documents quickly with ready-to-use templates in Word 2010 for almost any project, from business reports to customer newsletters. Capture your ideas using an array of customizable SmartArt graphics that help you highlight important messages quickly and easily.

Access 2010

Microsoft Access gives you one unified interface to connect with, analyze, and display data from a database. With Access and login credentials you will not have to be on specific computers to do your assignments, get the data you need at your convenience.

Publisher 2010

Creating Content is easy with Microsoft Publisher, with simple photo insertion and manipulation your publications will quickly come to life. Don't struggle with word processors to create the format you need to utilize Publishers templates and innovative tools. Create your own communications using the powerful design tools in Publisher 2010, whether youre marketing your business or planning an event.

Powerpoint 2010

Transform ideas into memorable presentations in PowerPoint 2010 with images and video, dynamic slide transitions, and animations. Take advantage of easy-to-use photo- and video-editing features that let you add dramatic visual effects without leaving PowerPoint 2010.

Onenote 2010

Onenote tracks all your ideas and important information in OneNote 2010, from meeting notes and customer information to marketing plans. Create a OneNote notebook to organize all the materials and media for a project: text, images, videos, audio, web page clippings, and more

Feature Home and Student Home and Business Professional
Price $83.99 $104.99 $197.89
Home and Student Included
Price $83.99
Home and Business Included
Price $104.99
Professional Included
Price $197.99

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Retail License) now from Tech Supply Shop to thoroughly enhance your businesses productivity and efficiency quickly and easily. With digital downloads of your favorite applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, Office 2010 Professional streamlines all business aspects from sales tracking, data analysis and budget-building to ad creation, business reports and customer newsletters with a single, high-performing Office suite. New tools, such as Outlook Mobile and Office Web Apps, let you stay in sync and access Office documents and Outlook from anywhere you have an internet or network connection. This is a digital download of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional PC that comes with a product key delivered by e-mail from Tech Supply Shop. This suite requires 1.5 GB hard disk space and 256 MB memory.

License is permanent (not a trial). Product key delivered by email. Installation guaranteed or your money back.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Upgrated to Office 03 professional OEM

    I bought 2 of these and received them super fast. Original CD in case. I upgraded from Office 2000 and XP and was it worth it! The reason for the upgrade? I had a system problem with Office 2000 system and outlook and the other programs did not work right after reinstallation. So I decided to upgrade. I first downloaded Microsoft Office 2007 professional trial version and installed it. What nightmare! EVERYTHING had changed- I could not even figure out how to print a document in Word and I have been using Word from its very first version when I switched from WordPerfect! Which NUT at Microsoft decided to make such a radical change? Even the file format was different, saving files as this .docx format which nobody can open unless you have 2007. I went on line and found this baby, noted the reviews and it has been a dream come true. If you are using anything such as XP , 2000 or before, then this is an excellent buy! It installed without a hitch. It deleted the old office program files, imported all the previous settings, e- mails, folders, calendars etc. The new layout of outlook is lovely. Excel, access, PowerPoint, front-page, I could go on, all lovely! I installed it on XP home and Win 2000 systems without a hitch. No need to go to upgrade to 2007 unless you like frustration. For experienced users, this is all you need. If you are NEW to computers or an Office Novice then 2007 will work for you. For the rest of us, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is Microsoft's best kept secret! Buy it now.

    Ahs a wef drawbacks but it is an anazimg software

    I decided to get this office suite after using it recently. I've usually worked on Office 97 and 2000, but the 2010 version has some pretty cool features not found in the older versions. The feature that I really enjoy is the Pivot Report feature in MS Access, which wasn't in MS Access 2000. This is a truly great reporting feature. You can now use Access as a front-end to slice and dice data stored on data warehouses in Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and other enterprise-type databases. If you're used to creating crosstab reports, you'll definitely like the Pivot Report feature. Crosstabs are limited to 2 dimensions but there's no limitation on the number of dimensions in Pivot Report. To me, the main drawback is the price. (I did get mine at around $370 at J&R, which is a great price.) I figure I can upgrade this in about 5 years time, which works out to about $70 to $75 per year (assuming that I'll be paying about $370 to upgrade in 5 years time.) A big positive is that this is the industry standard. So the work you put into learning the multiple new features of Word, Excel, MS Access is not wasted because you can reuse the same skills in another job. Your time will be well spent. Note that the software may seem bloated but the intelligent user is able to choose and pick the most useful and relevant features of each application and ignore the features that are not useful. Different features are useful to different people... Another positive: Each product in Office Professional is fully programmable using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which you can use to build custom programs. This very powerful feature is sometimes overlooked when shopping for Office suites.

    Detailed Explanation, since I am not lazy like the others

    Microsoft Office 2010 Professional delivers on its title's promise -- it is the ultimate office/productivity suite for the computer professional. Microsoft Office Word 2003 is a great word processor, which can create print documents (the most popular type of document today), web pages (you can save in either HTML or XML format), and much more. With it, you can use tables, columns, mathematical equations (with Microsoft Equation 3), and any other accessories for print documents and web pages. Microsoft Office Excel 2003 is an excellent spreadsheet program, which lets you create spreadsheets, web pages (again, you can work with either HTML ot XML). With it, you can use forms for Web pages, and save information in tablular format. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is a professional presentations application, which can be used to create presentations for print or for viewing on a computer, and save them as print publications or Web sites. With it, you can add tables, columns, hyperlinks, and more for presentations. Microsoft Office Access 2003 is a great database application, which can be used to create professional databases and save information in web pages. With it, you can work with tables, queries, forms, reports and much more for database use. v with Business Contact Manager is an excellent comminications/schedules program which can be used for writing and reading e-mail messages, calendars, using schedules and more. With it, you can use advanced formatting with e-mail messages and work with professional schedules and calenders and manage business contacts. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is a professional publications application, which can be used to create Web sites and print publications. With it, you can use advanced formatting and scripting with publications. There are also some common features, namely Microsoft Equation 3 and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 6.3 for writing scripts and macros. There is a disadvantage, however: Microsoft ...