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Microsoft Excel 2016 Open Academic

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  • Supports 1 User / 1 Device
  • Digital Delivery / 3 - 5 Business Days Estimated Delivery Time
  • Runs On Windows
  • 1 Installation
  • Licensed for Personal Use
  • Open Academic Licensing
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Microsoft Excel 2016 - Open License - - 1 Microsoft Excel 2016 Open Academic
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Product Specifications

  • Includes:
    • Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Installation Method: Digital Download
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 3 - 5 Business Days
  • Users Supported: 1 User
  • Devices Supported: 1 Device
  • Installations Supported: 1 Installation
  • License Type: Perpetual
  • License Term: Indefinite
  • Licensed Use: Licensed for Personal Use
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 065-08557
  • GTIN: 4058154163665
  • Platform Supported: Windows
  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Minimum Hard Drive Space: 2.5 GB
  • Minimum Memory: 1 GB (32 Bit) / 2 GB (64 Bit)
  • Minimum Processor Speed: 1.0 GHz


Control your Data

Analyze and visualize your data in new and intuitive ways with a fresh user interface plus your favorite keyboard shortcuts. Leverage features like Analysis Toolpak, Slicers, and Formula Builder to save time, so you can focus on insights.

Visualize Output

New charts and graphs are included with Excel 2016 to present your data in an exciting and compelling way. Utilize sparklines, tables and graphs to help your work tell a story.

New Tools

Excels new tools work with you to suggest applicable charts or predict repetitive cell populating with duplicate data. Flash Fill is arguably the easiest way to reformat and rearrange your data. Excel learns and recognizes your pattern to auto-complete the remaining data, and requires no additional formulas or macros.

Simplified Sharing

Easily share your work with others to make collaboration even easier than before. When you save your workbooks, they are saved to SkyDrive or SharePoint by default. You are able to send links to the same file to as many people as you like, which includes their viewing and editing permissions; this way, you can be assured that everyone sees the latest version.

Microsoft Excel 2016 provides you with an intuitive and dynamic system that helps you to visualize and analyze your data. You are able to bring new insights to light and make the most of your important information, whether you are tallying your expenses in a spreadsheet or tracking gains in revenue. Workbooks are now easier to share than ever, giving you the flexibility to cooperate with others on projects and access your workbooks from anywhere.

    What's new in Microsoft Excel 2016

    Excel is the world's most widely used and familiar data analysis tool, especially now with the new Power BI and Power BI Desktop to provide business analysts with a powerful portfolio of analytic tools unique in the industry. The software has new and improved business analytics features and makes improvements to the design with analysts in mind.

    Microsoft Excel 2016 now comes with built-in functionality that brings ease and speed to getting and transforming your data, allowing you to find and access all the data you need into one place. These new capabilities, previously only available as a separate add-in called Power Query, can be found within Microsoft Excel 2016. Access them from the Get & Transform section on the Data tab.

    The Query Editor, which opens when creating a new query or opening an existing one under Get & Transform, provides intuitive data shaping and transformation options, enabling you to prepare a data set with only the information you want to see and in the way you want to see it. Each step you take to transform the data can be repeated and rearranged to help you work faster and more efficiently. When you refresh the data connections, every step you took to transform the data is preserved. And once you have the information prepared, you can share your queries easily with others.

    Additional features available under the Get & Transform section include accessing recent sources you've used in previous queries and options to combine queries together. With a premium version* of Excel 2016 and a Power BI license, you can also use search to discover corporate data available to you across your company that is shared in a corporate catalog or even share your own queries with others.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Glad I got This

    I've been dragging my feet on making the switch for years. Mainly because while I like 'new', I don't much fancy 'change', particularly when the software I've been using is now like a member of the family because it's been around so long. When looking at installing MS Office Home & Business 2010 I couldn't decide whether to completely uninstall 2003 or to upgrade. I searched the Internet and found a video that explained how to do a 'dual-install'. Keeping MS Office 2003 Professional (except for Outlook as it is removed and replaced by default when you install Office 2010) and installing Office 2010 next to it - so you can use both. If you want to know how to do it, type in 'Installing Office 2016 and keeping previous versions (dual install)' in the YouTube search box. You should find what you're looking for to explain this install in more detail. It's really easy to do it (took no more than 15 minutes between first screen and reboot) and it works well for me. I did go to Microsoft and take the Microsoft Excel 2016 Open Academic tutorial lessons prior to doing this so that at the very least I'd be up to speed with the email functions out of the gate. That helped explain 'ribbons' too. Something the 2003 Office Suite doesn't have, which I think are a nice addition to future versions. On my newer Dell running Windows 7 64-bit, this software flies by comparison to the 2003 version. The interface is easy to use and understand, and I'm impressed with Microsoft's library of video tutorials to get you up to speed on its features.

    Overall this is a worthy upgrade for those who are using Office 2003 or later. Yes, it's expensive, but when you consider how often you use it, it's perfect for a home office user (like me) or small business owner trying to keep track of meetings and spreadsheets.

    2PCs/1 user : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook - works for me! Quick and lots of features. Glad I made the change, i really needed Microsoft Excel 2016


    hello, ,i have used microsoft office since the early days on all of my computers. i read the reviews on the new office 2016and thought it may be the latest and best. but, this office 2016 is the one that fit my needs. the products are "enhanced" but easy to use, just like the older versions of the "office" programs. i purchased the academic version so i may upgrade on my other desktop at a later date and not have to mess with a subscription service as in the future office models. i am very happy with the office 2016 and will probably have it for quite awhile. the set up was relatively easy except for one simple glitch in the outlook install. once that was identified, the install went smoothly. there are so many new features of the old office products that it will take a while to sort them out. i am patient and will see if i really need or want to use Microsoft Excel 2016 Open Academic. but for now, everything runs a little faster, looks nicer and i am pleased.
    thanks Tech Supply Shop and microsoft...

    Easy Installation, took some time to get it

    I had been looking for Office 2016 software that came with a disk. Most everywhere else you downloaded it and didn't get a disk. I'm from the old school and wanted the disk in my hand. Installation was easy. There was a scare when trying to register the software with Microsoft during the installation. I have been burned in the past with other software purchased from a different vendor. I was concerned it was happening again, but it wasn't. I went online to the Microsoft Community and found my issue was a fairly common problem. I found a work around which was very simple. I tried it. It worked and I registered it. The software is working fine and I love it. It is a big change from my old Office 2007, especially the Microsoft Excel 2016.