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SQL Server 2019

Microsoft SQL Server 2019: Your modern data platform

Learn more about the features and benefits now available in Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

Intelligence over any data

Intelligence over any data

  • Use data virtualization to combine and query a variety of external relational and non-relational data sources without moving or replicating data.

  • Build an intelligence-driven organization by leveraging machine learning and AI to ingest, store, and analyze any type of data, structured or unstructured, with the power of SQL Server, Hadoop and Spark in SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters.

Intelligence over any data

Choose any platform for your language

  • SQL Server now on Windows, Linux, Containers and support for Kubernetes.

  • Deploy on multiple Linux distributions including RedHat, SUSE and Ubuntu with full database engine support for transactional replication, distributed transactions, PolyBase, and Machine Learning Services.

  • Develop once and deploy anywhere with a consistent experience from on-premises to the edge and cloud.

Intelligence over any data

Industry-leading performance

  • Make your queries and applications run faster with the Intelligent Query Processing family of features in SQL Server 2019.

  • Speed up performance with in-memory technologies such as memory optimized tables, Hybrid Buffer Pool, and memory-optimized TempDB.

  • Build Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) solutions by adding in-memory Clustered Columnstore Indexes on your in-memory tables..

Intelligence over any data

Mission critical security

  • Create, deploy, and manage mobile and paginated reports with rich visualizations in SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • Discover, track, and remediate potential database vulnerabilities with SQL Vulnerability Assessment.

  • Build for security from the ground up with layers of protection and security features built-in to all versions of SQL Server 2019.

Intelligence over any data

Make faster, better decisions

  • Create, deploy, and manage mobile and paginated reports with rich visualizations in SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • Author beautiful reports with Power BI Desktop. Publish Power BI reports to the cloud or Power BI Report Server in SQL Server 2019, and distribute and consume reports across devices.

  • Consume interactive dashboards and reports, both online and offline, with mobile reporting on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.