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    Bluebeam is software solutions manufacturer for the AEC community, providing powerful PDF markup, editing, and creation features for paperless workflows. Revu is Bluebeam’s premier software product, finding favor and heavy use among AEC firms in over 130 countries.

    Who uses Revu by Bluebeam?

    • 94% of top US contractors
    • 86% of top US design firms
    • 78% of top US specialty contractors
    • 74% of top international design firms

    Bluebeam offers its Revu line of products for differing tier seating and improved 2D and 3D PDF formats. The company also offers plugins for AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks Manage, Navisworks Simulate, SolidWorks, and Microsoft Office to facilitate instant PDF creation. Revu also allows partners working on the same project to access the the PDF files and communicate with ease to increase project collaboration and efficiency. Utilize markup data across a project’s entire lifecycle to increase productivity among your team and drive your ability to build and design great things.

    Revu by Blue Beam grants builders and designers to do the following:

    • Create an unlimited amount of detailed 2D and 3D PDF files from converted Microsoft Office documents and CAD drawings
    • Use custom markup tools to review details with colleagues in real time by tracking annotations and generating reports to improve project workflows
    • Communicate and collaborate with project partners through a common data environment
    • Organize large sets of drawings through smart documents that can be shared with project partners in real time

    Computer-Aided Design, or CAD, software can help businesses, engineers and innovators visualize their creations using 2D or 3D rendered images. Making blueprints come to life or demonstrating a future project for a client has never been easier for designers, architects, and builders. This section offers some of the best brands in CAD software programs that provide more options for designers to get more detailed in their creations for more complex projects.

    When used on a mobile device such as a tablet or a touchscreen-capable device, CAD software can be very useful for demonstrations and presentations of your planned designs.

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