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    Remote Desktop Services – Tech Supply Shop

    Remote Desktop Services

    There are so many reasons to invest in a high-quality remote desktop service. Give your employees the tools they need to connect to their work PC from home or connect to another PC in the office with one of our top-notch remote desktop services from Tech Supply Shop. We carry various Microsoft remote desktop connection options to meet your exact requirements and needs. Options include remote desktop services for HP, Lenovo and IBM servers. You may order the Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop with RDS licensing, academic licensing and more at Tech Supply Shop. Plus, we offer bulk discounts on remote desktop services.

    Microsoft Remote Desktop Service Licensing for Windows Server

    With Microsoft’s remote desktop services, you’ll be able to connect to your PC from another PC using a safe and secure connection. Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to use your computer just like you would if you were in the office, with complete access to the start menu, applications, saved documents, folders and more. In most cases, you can connect to a remote PC running your preferred Windows operating system. Once you activate your remote desktop service license, you’ll have complete access your PC from just about anywhere.

    Remote Desktop Licenses and CALs

    Whether you need an unlimited-user license or just need single-user authorization, Tech Supply Shop has the right remote desktop license for your unique needs. Check out Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Open License if you want to purchase multiple licenses for a low price. We even carry an affordable Open Academic Server Remote Desktop Service by Microsoft for students and faculty who need remote access for educational purposes. Unsure which product to buy? Reach out to Tech Supply Shop at 877-214-6060 today and our friendly customer service staff will happily assist you with your purchase. Back to top