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    Microsoft Office for Academic Users – Tech Supply Shop

    Microsoft Office for academic users delivers top-selling Microsoft products to teachers, students and administrators at a reduced price. The software packages are nearly identical to the retail versions, but are priced lower to make sure teachers and students always have access to the powerful productivity applications they need at a price they can afford. At Tech Supply Shop, we carry some of the most popular Microsoft Office software suites with cost-efficient academic licenses to make sure the productivity software gets into the hands of those that need it the most.

    Includes Best-Selling Programs

    Office academic licenses give teachers, students and administrators access to all of the best-selling programs included in retail Office suites like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. The programs included depend on the version of Office that you choose. Regardless of the version of Office, all of the programs included are the full versions, but are priced lower to make them more accessible for those in the education field. All you need to qualify to order is a .edu email

    Online Access

    Work on your report using a computer at the library, head home and edit it on your own computer, then print it off at the writing lab from your phone. With Microsoft Office 365, you’ll always have access to software, saved work and more from anywhere with an internet connection. The web-based program allows users to log in and access their work remotely, saving changes and viewing documents with ease.

    At Tech Supply Shop, we strive to offer software solutions that work for our customers. Whether you need online access to your work and software or would prefer to take a more traditional approach by installing Office right on your computer, we make accessing powerful productivity software more affordable than ever with a variety of academic license solutions. Shop with Tech Supply Shop today and find great Microsoft Office products that are priced just right for students, teachers and administrators.

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