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Vmware Vcenter Server 6 Standard For Vsphere 6 Production Support Subscription 3 Years

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VMware vCenter Server 6 Standard for vSphere 6 Production Support/Subscription, 3 Years - Vmware Vcenter Server 6 Standard For Vsphere 6 Production Support Subscription 3 Years
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Vmware Vcenter Server 6 Standard For Vsphere 6 Per Instance

VMware vCenter Server 6 Standard provides a central location for managing your VMware vSphere environments.

Manage large numbers of virtual machines

VMware vCenter Server Standard is the cost-effective, scalable solution to manage large numbers of virtual machines. The software is easy to use and deilvers unparalleled performance.

Automate a virtual infrastructure with ease

The software is made by the EMC Corporation, the same company behind the VMware program. The server software allows users to automate and deliver a virtual infrastructure with ease, improving business processes and readiness.

Manage from a single location

With VMware vCenter Server 6 its possible to deliver and manage your entire vSphere infrastructure from a single location.

Optimize resources for maximum efficiency

The vCenter Server quickly and easily deploys using host profiles, automatically allocating and optimizing resources for maximum efficiency.

Manage your vSphere infrastructure

Once deployed, you can easily manage your vSphere infrastructure. You can do the following with a click of a button:

Assign custom roles to users
Search the vCenter inventory
Set up new virtual machines

Better control and system analysis

The HTML 5-based vSphere Client provides more responsiveness and usability than ever before. The software also includes new management tools including vRealize Log Insight for better control and system analysis.

Vmware Vcenter Server 6 Standard - designed to be scalable

VMware vCenter Server 6 Standard for vSphere 6 is designed to be scalable to even the largest businesses.


Up to 1,000 hosts from a single vCenter Server

The software allows the controller to manage up to 1,000 hosts and up to 10,000 virtual machines from a single vCenter Server.

Up to 30,000 VM across 10 vCenter Servers

The Linked Mode allows for the management of up to 30,000 virtual machines across ten vCenter Servers. It also allows roles, permissions and licenses to be replicated in the infrastructure so managers can log in, view and serve the inventories of all vCenter Servers.

VM/10 servers
total VM

8,000 total virtual machines

Using vSphere HA and DRS clusters allows for support of up to 64 hosts and 8,000 total virtual machines.

VMware vCenter Server 6 is available from Tech Supply Shop as a digital download. Once purchased, an email will be sent with download instructions for instant access to this incredible software.

At Tech Supply Shop, installation is guaranteed or your money back.

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Customize your VM's hardware and resources

The better features of vCenter include the ability to customize your VM's hardware and resources. This includes stuff you wont find in Hyper-V, like multiple options for your network adapter, IDE and SCSI controllers, and various USB features for pass-through. Make sure the version/license you select is in line with your needs, and that your environment has the resources it needs to take full advantage of the product, like storage platform and your network. We use Vmware Vcenter Server 6 Standard For Vsphere 6 Production Support Subscription 3 Years.

Love the ease of deploying

I just must say that I love the ease of deploying Vmware Vcenter Server 6 Standard For Vsphere 6 Production Support with a single OVA file and using a PostgreSQL database vs a sql database on Windows. I do hate that some more advanced features and customization require a little command line experience or modifying the VMX file for a VM. With some of the newer versions of vCenter these should start making their way into the web client. And that's another issue people have lately, the requirement to use the web client. People like the old "thick" client used in versions before 6.0 and yet we are forced to use the web for newer features.

Comperhensive tool

A comprehensive administrative tool that make Vmware Vcenter Server 6 Standard For Vsphere 6 Production Support administrator's life much easier. The vMotion works amazingly with very little potential glitches. Also the way it manage virtual network is quite flexible and stable, transparent to the virtual machines. It worth business budget for vCenter as very basic handy tool to manage VMWare virtual infrastrucure, especially if the business has ongoing number of new projects. It helps reduce the total cost of ownership and make the return of inverstment faster significantly