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    Gaming Products Available from Tech Supply Shop

    Gaming and digital entertainment has come a long way over the last two decades, taking video games from the arcade to the home with more extensive experiences. Two of the leading types of gaming today are PC and console gaming, both of which boast the best graphical design, audio quality, and fast-paced action games on the market.

    Console and PC Games

    Tech Supply Shop offers deals on many Nordic Games PC game titles such as the award-winning Alan Wake. We also offer 500GB Xbox One game bundles and accessories as well as console controllers that would excite even the most dedicated gamer.

    Screen Recording

    Additionally, if you are interested in recording your game sessions, we also offer screen recording software to capture every moment in HD clarity. Whether you are giving a game tutorial online or just like sharing your game sessions with friends, Corel Game Capture software can give you HD quality playback in both video and audio.

    Game titles we currently offer from Nordic Games include the following:

    • 15 Days
    • Alan Wake Series
    • AquaNox Series
    • Arcania
    • Battle Worlds: Kronos
    • Black Mirror Series
    • Broken Age
    • Chaser
    • Citadels
    • Codename: Panzers Series
    • Cold War
    • Costume Quest
    • Dark Fall Series
    • Darksiders Series
    • Deadfall Adventures
    • Desperados Series
    • Dungeon Lords
    • Europa 1400: The Guild
    • Expeditions: Conquistador
    • Freak Out: Extreme Freeride
    • Frontlines: Fuel of War
    • Full Spectrum Warrior Series
    • Gothic
    • Impossible Creatures
    • Jagged Alliance Gold
    • Last Inua
    • Legend of Kay
    • Men of Valor
    • MX vs. Reflex Series
    • Neighbors From Hell
    • Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
    • Shadowrun Chronicles Series
    • Ori and the Blind Forest
    • Overclocked: A History of Violence

    Tech Supply Shop works hard to bring you the very best software, computer, and electronic products at the best prices without sacrifice to quality. Whether your needs are for the office or at home, we have the software solutions you need to be more productive while saving money. Our knowledgeable staff is available when you need them to provide support and answers to your questions that you might have to wait extended periods for when contacting the manufacturers. If there is ever a product you would like Tech Supply Shop to offer, contact us with your suggestions.

    If you have any questions regarding gaming products, or have gaming titles or products you would like to see in our inventory, contact us at 877-214-6060 or

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