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    Building a PC isn’t the daunting task you may think it is. Once you get started, assembling a system from various parts and components is a very gratifying experience. The most satisfying feature of building a custom computer is dodging the out of the box "all-in-one" systems that come with preinstalled 'Bloatware' that slows speed and crowds memory.hardware

    Selecting the Best Computer Hardware

    In reality, a computer is nothing more than a combination of parts working collectively. The most critical parts are the CPU, motherboard, memory (RAM), power supply, and hard drive. These are usually housed in a computer case unless you’re building a test bench where you’ll need to swap out components on a constant basis, you will unquestionably want to buy a computer case.


    Cables conduct the current, connect components and when used with compatible devices can create a comfortable entertainment experience.  Computer cables are necessary to power your PC, laptop, or to connect to external devices. If your camera doesn't have removable memory, using a USB or micro USB cables are the simplest way to transfer media from your camera to your computer or device. Network cables allow you to go online and share uploaded images via the Internet. HDMI and USB cables can be used to connect your computer to your television.hardware, cables


    If you aren't using your system for gaming, you may not need a high-end GPU. The NVidia Quadro K620 offers impressive power-efficient 3D application performance and capability with 2GB of DDR3 GPU memory, and fast bandwidth.  NVIDIA Quadro GPUs power more than 200 professional applications across a range of industries including manufacturing, media and entertainment, sciences, and energy.


    Another good idea is to invest in memory (RAM), like DDR4. Using  Micron Crucial 16gb DDR4-2133 DIMM, you can expect to process data faster, increase memory bandwidth by up to 50%, reduce power and cooling expenses and improve efficiency.

    If there's room in your budget, pick up an external hard drive.  An external hard drive is a convenient way to add storage to your system without having to open the computer case. Bonus, you get to take your data wherever you go.

    Whether you’re a pro or a first-time builder, Tech Supply Shop is here to help. For all questions on Microsoft products, contact us at 877-214-6060 or

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