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    Veritas provides organizations with a wide range of data workload solutions that improve visibility, portability, protection, portability, and availability for multiple cloud systems. These solutions combine to become Veritas’ 360 data management system that provides a holistic, all-around protection and insight for your data, which includes the following:

    • Data Visibility
    • Compliance Readiness
    • Business Continuity
    • Data Protection
    • Data/Workload Portability
    • Storage Optimization

    Veritas specializes in keeping your data safe with popular products such as capacity edition backup execs and remote agents for server systems from Windows, Linux, and more.  

    Backup Exec Agents and Options

    Backup Exec provides scalable, easy-to-manage backup and recovery for virtual and physical environments. Backup Exec Agents and Options expand the features and functionality of Backup Exec to support critical applications, databases, storage configurations and much more.

    • Backup Exec Capacity Edition Lite includes a Backup Exec Server, Agent for VMware and Hyper-V, Agent for Windows, Agent for Applications and Databases, and Agent for Linux
    • Backup Exec Capacity Edition includes all Backup Exec Agents and Options
    • Backup Exec V-Ray Edition includes Agent for Applications and Databases, Agent for VMware and Hyper-V and Deduplication Option (additional Agents and Options can be added and licensed as required)
    • Backup Exec a la carte: Agents and Options are licensed individually


    • Agent for Applications and Databases
    • Agent for VMware and Hyper-V
    • Agent for Windows®
    • Agent for Linux
    • Remote Media Agent for Linux


    • Agent for Applications and Databases
    • Deduplication Option • Enterprise Server Option
    • Library Expansion Option
    • NDMP Option
    • Virtual Tape Library Unlimited Drive Option

    Products from Veritas come in multiple flavors, including the following:

    Data Protection

    • System Recovery
    • NetBackup Appliances
    • Backup Exec with Azure
    • Backup Exec
    • NetBackup
    • Desktop & Laptop Option
    • Velocity

    Information Governance

    • Information Map
    • Data Insight
    • eDiscovery Platform
    • Enterprise Vault

    Business Continuity

    • Enterprise
    • InfoScale Operations Manager
    • Resiliency Platform
    • Risk Advisor
    • Disaster Recovery Orchestrator
    • InfoScale Availability
    • ApplicationHA
    • HPE Helion & Veritas Continuity

    Software-Defined Storage

    • InfoScale Operations Manager
    • InfoScale Storage
    • InfoScale Foundation
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