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    Kaspersky Total Security and Lab Endpoint Security

    When it comes to the internet, you need to be protected, not just connected. With Kaspersky Total Security and Lab Endpoint Security protection, you’ll have access to award-winning security software that will help safeguard your computer. Prevent hackers and identity thefts from accessing your sensitive information including personal identity information, banking data and passwords. Whether you’re surfing the web, shopping or handling online banking, Kaspersky has you covered.

    Automatic Updates for the Best Protection

    Your subscription to Kaspersky comes with automatic updates so you’ll always have access to the best protection and the most up-to-date library of threats. Without regular updates, your antivirus software will quickly become obsolete. Kaspersky updates regularly for the best protection possible, preventing even the newest viruses and threats from reaching your system.

    When it comes to hackers, Kaspersky has you covered. The automatic update system also gathers information on the latest tactics used by hackers to gain access to your system. Prevent intruders from gaining access using a host-based Intrusion Prevention System. Through the use of a special firewall, users can even monitor incoming and outgoing activity to always know who is accessing your network. The software even allows users to lay out special instructions for individual ports, IP addresses and applications for additional targeted security.

    Works in the Background

    Kaspersky Total Security is designed to work in the background to minimize interruptions. When a threat is detected, the software will limit its weight on your network and PC so threats can be eliminated without interruptions. When updates are available, only the update files are downloaded rather than an entirely new software package. This speeds up the delivery time and minimizes resource usage.

    Protect your computer using Kaspersky Total Security from Tech Supply Shop. We offer a variety of software versions and license types to suit your needs so every business can have access to top-quality protection. Order now to take advantage of our low prices and superior customer service.

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