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What’s New in Windows 11

Microsoft officially launched Windows 11 on 5 October 2021. Is it time for out with the old and in with the new?

Let’s have a look at some of the newest features.

Windows 11 Android™ Apps

Possibly the single most significant announcement with Windows 11 is the ability to install Android™ applications via the Microsoft Store. Additionally, Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to integrate its curated store. While it is not the complete Google Play store offering, this, at the time of writing, still contains over 500,000 applications. Currently, there is limited availability as Microsoft, Amazon, and Intel work to improve usability.

Windows 11 will configure the new Windows Subsystem for Android™, which will ensure the latest Android™ operating system is available.
Android™ applications will also be able to work with various input methods, be integrated into the Alt +Tab options for easy switching between tasks, and allow notifications via the Windows 11 notification center.

Image credit: Microsoft

Virtual Desktops

First introduced in Windows 10, Windows 11 comes with an all-new virtual desktop environment. Virtual desktops are an excellent way to separate the various uses of the computer; for example, somebody may choose to have one desktop for work and one for personal use. The single most prominent addition to Windows 11 virtual desktops is customizing the wallpaper for each desktop.

Image credit: Microsoft


Replacing the Windows 10 News And Interests feature, the all-new AI-powered Widgets in Windows 11 offers a customizable feed of content curated for the individual.

Widgets are available for a wide variety of topics.

Some noteworthy examples are:

  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Sports
  • Windows 11 Tips
  • To-do list
  • News
  • Stocks

Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams

Collaboration tools have become a large part of our work and personal lives during the pandemic. Due to this, Microsoft has built their collaboration platform, Teams, directly into the operating system. As a result, end-users will seamlessly communicate with their contacts, no matter what device they are currently using.

Currently, the new built-in application is only supporting personal accounts.

Image credit: Microsoft

Snap Layouts and Grid

Snap is the updated Windows 11 multitasking tool.

Snap Layout

Snap Layout is the sub-feature that offers predefined options for filling a screen with multiple applications.

Image credit: Microsoft

Snap Groups

Snap groups are the sub-feature that allows custom groups of multitasking applications to be remembered by Windows 11. This feature then gives the ability to return to these groupings quickly.

Image credit: Microsoft


Windows 11 is the future of the integrated user experience, and everybody should enjoy these new features now.

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